Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I Heart Valentine's Day! And Love!

I love Valentine's Day.

And I've written about it, a lot! 

Here are some posts that share romantic photos and quotes:

Here is a poem I wrote for Brandon last year on Valentine's Day:


It is an easy thing to overlook true love.
Our eyes are searching for events and objects
Found in movies,
And journals bursting with dreams.

We glance above the hazy reality.
Our hearts do not notice the consistent presence
Of loyalty,
And dishes again scrubbed clean.

 ~Cheryl S.S. Feb 14, 2017

And lastly, here's a romantic song for you to read/listen to (I sang this to Brandon at our wedding luncheon. He actually accompanied me while I sang it!). I have never found an amazing recording of this song; it's hard to find anything. But this one is pretty good because his voice is so nice, and it doesn't feel pretentious...

"In a Simple Way I Love You" from I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road

In a simple way I love you
That’s all that I can do
I’ll make music while you sing your song
I understand what you’re going through

In a simple way I love you
When you’re reaching out to me
I will be there when you need a friend
I’ll help you be what you want to be

I hear your voice sing out
Just let it go
I’ll give you room to breathe
And room to grow

In a simple way I love you
I’m here to see you through
I’ll make music while you sing your song
While you do what you have to do

I’ll be beside you rain or shine
Love has many faces
And one of them is mine

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