Friday, April 22, 2016

Home Sweet Kansas

Hello, dear reader!

We moved. Obviously, although maybe not so obviously if you haven't been keeping up with me on social media. Poor, neglected blog... I'll try to write more later next week...

Living Room not long after we arrived!
Kansas is WONDERFUL, people. I know what you may be thinking: wha? How is it wonderful? Isn't it flat and just full of farmers? (as if flatness and farmers are not wonderful, sheesh!). Well, here are the reasons I love Kansas:

*People here are genuinely friendly. Not in a fake way, either. On the East Coast (which I love, so don't take this to mean I hated it, because I didn't), people are polite, but not friendly. They're helpful, but not open. Here, they are open and friendly and helpful and so very nice!

*We live in the Flint Hills (tail-end) and so we have rolling hills and lots of trees. Not quite as tree-filled as back East, but definitely just as hilly!

*Our house is a dream come true for me. Literally. It's nothing I thought I would want and yet everything I've ever wanted! And we own it! I'll share photos below.

*Church is 6 minutes away (instead of 25). Work for Brandon is 5 minutes away (instead of another time zone and airplane ride!). Schools are close; friends are closer.

*Music lessons and sports activities are way cheaper here! This means we can put the kids back into some things.

*Realizing we can travel to Philly this summer for the Temple Open House as well as Idaho/Utah in a reasonable amount of time. Being in the center of the country (quite literally) is pretty awesome for that!

The kids are doing okay. Adjusting pretty well to the house and environment and the new-ness of it all. They're slowly making friends and trying to find their places in the ward and at school. The biggest complaint? "Mom, at school they swear a lot more here than in PA --and they keep using the F word for everything. It's just awful." So, BOO on that! You may be nice, Kansas, but you should clean up your language!


I am doing a bit better than I expected. Depression-wise I had one HUGE meltdown on a morning a few weeks ago. Once I screamed and yelled (at the air, not the kids, well a little at the kids, sigh...) and bawled for an hour, I felt a lot better. I think the stress just needed to get out. But I've been consistent about my medication and keeping the stress down as much as possible, so I'm doing pretty darn good.

Things I've been thinking about:

*Not the election. I hate everyone who is running.
*Summer plans
*Unpacking the house (I'm seriously so close!)
*Finding time to go walking
*Getting baby girl to sleep all night, or at least most of it! Maybe weaning her, too...
*Writing again
*Getting my kids into swimming lessons, music lessons, and sports
*Adjusting to having Brandon home all the time (which we LOVE)

5 gazillion photos of the house -- most without a lot of our furniture and zero pictures on the wall (still waiting to touch-up paint before we do that portion of the unpacking):

Quotage for your weekend!


Stanton said...

Cheryl, the bones of this house are amazing!!!! Wow! What a neat home for your family! So happy for you.

Courtney N said...

BEAUTIFUL HOME! I can't wait to see it in person (whenever that will be)!

Cheryl said...

Julie, thank you!!

Courtney, as soon as you can get your butt down here! ;) <3