Friday, February 12, 2016


Random stuff:
*Baby girl can walk! Not often and not well, but she's walking!
*The first round of donations (truck is coming to pick them up next week) include 7 boxes of books, two large boxes of household items/decorations, 3 bags of shoes, 3 bags of coats/jackets, 5 bags of clothing (so far), 4 bags of toys, and some other random things. Phew! That doesn't include the 13 boxes/bins of recycling that was picked up last week, nor the several bags of garbage. Nor the two bins of clothing I gave to a friend. Or the box I'm still going to give her...
*I actually like it when the kids have snow days! And half days. We've had both this week...
*I was interviewed by my good friend, Christina, for her blog. Go have a gander!

Recent Pet Peeves:
*Our old cat. We love him, but the poor guy is throwing up more often (nothing crazy) and is missing the litter box sometimes. Sigh.
*That toddler stage where she falls more (so sad!) and is learning how to get past gates and furniture.
*The massive financial hoop-jumping that comes with applying for a mortgage (do they want our blood, too?!).
*Co-sleeping. I don't hate it because it actually means more sleep for me (I can nurse and sleep at the same time and never leave my bed), but she's getting to the stage where she thinks if I'm near her I should be able to nurse her every hour on the hour... Gonna have to start slowly switching some habits soon...

Things I'm currently grateful for:
*My husband. Everything about him. I love that guy.
*My gorgeous children. Their intelligence, stubbornness, talents, and hugs.
*Beautiful Pennsylvania
*Beautiful Kansas
*Quail Run Farm homemade soaps
*Big King Sized blankets from Costco
*Fuzzy socks
*The Book of Mormon (we've started over since we finished a few weeks ago)
*My faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have seen (recently) people give it up because they can't reconcile the world with their faith. It breaks my heart, but it has made me search and question more, and because of this, my roots have grown deeper.
*Beautiful snow
*Our soon-to-be new home (here are a few sneak-peak photos!)

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Courtney N said...

Congrats on the new home! What an adventure!