Monday, October 13, 2014

Orlando Getaway

Brandon and I went to Orlando, FL this past week!

We originally had planned to take all of the kids, but a few months ago we decided we needed a few days together, instead. It also fit our budget better. Thanks to our awesome babysitter (Sis A. from our ward), we were able to have a great time!

We flew down (via Boston), attended the fireside the BYU football team held (they do this every night before a game --it's all focused on the gospel and what matters the most to them, which is Christ!), and had dinner at a really cool restaurant that serves just appetizers.

We went to the Temple! We attended a session in the morning and it was wonderful. We took our time, and aside from rude remarks from people ("are you sure you're not having twins?? You're not due until February!?! You look like you're going to give birth next week!!" Sigh... Lovely, right? Why do strangers think it is somehow common courtesy to comment on the large-ness of one's life-giving womb?), it was such a peaceful time.

Then we went to the BYU vs. UCF football game! Holy huge campus! Apparently they are the largest university in the country (over 70,000 students). We spent some time at the BYU tailgate party, met some nice people from Idaho (who are related to me!), held alligators(!) and enjoyed a really exciting game. It was full of incredible highs and lows, and although we lost (still questioning that last play and the lack of a holding call from the refs), we had a great time.

We got up early and went to Disney World! Yep! The kids aren't very happy with us, but oh, well. It reminded me of when we went to Disneyland on our honeymoon! I wore the wrong shoes (although my Chacos are usually perfect for this kind of thing) and ended up in a lot of pain by the end of the day (but a soak in the tub back at the hotel helped a lot). Still, it was a fabulous day! What is it about Disney? It's so clean, organized, efficient, fun, magical, and happy. The happiest place on Earth! Okay, actually, when I think about it, the Temple is much happier, but you know what I mean. :) The whole time we were there we kept commenting that "the kids would love this!" and "wouldn't this be great for the kids?" so we are seriously considering figuring out a way to get our kids down there sometime. It's been 8 years since we took our kids to Disneyland, and since they still talk about it (well, the girls are the only ones who remember), we know it's a vacation they would really love. It's only a day's drive for us, so it might just work! We'll have to wait and see. (Plus, #2 can't stop talking about wanting to see Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, so, who knows...)

We flew home, again via Boston. We came home to a clean house and very happy children. Our babysitter was amazing! We then watched a movie with the kids and jumped right back into our routine. Sunday was so busy (music rehearsals, potluck, talks, and meetings).

It was a wonderful few days alone together, and aside from all the walking, it was relaxing, too.

Where have you gone with your spouse, lately? Or a long time ago? Or are you planning a trip, soon? 


Amanda D said...

Looks like a fun getaway! Good for you guys!

Courtney N said...

What a fun vacation! I bet you guys would have a BLAST if you took the kids someday :-)

cheryl cardall said...

I'm commenting on here since it's the only post open to comments. Was the man who was nearly 100 Rex Blake? If so he is my Dads cousin! I just know he was a few weeks away from 100 and lives in provo. My parents are going to the funeral tomorrow.

Cheryl said...

Yes!! Such an incredible man! I sure love him and I adore Ruth. And thanks for reminding me-- I should turn comments back on again.

cheryl cardall said...

His Mom is the first to join the church in our family and got my Grandma/Grandpa to America and introduced them to the gospel so the Blakes are pretty important to my family!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I love all the photos! I love your glowy-pregnant self :)