Tuesday, September 02, 2014

July 2014 Catch-Up


*Brandon's dad came to visit
*Fourth of July
*Trip to upstate New York
*#5's birthday
*Day at the shore


Fourth of July


(Captain Literally! Studio C fans will understand...)

(Milk and food coloring experiment)

(The Park)

(Swimming at our friend Anita's house)

(Our tall trees)

(Wild berries from our yard)

(swimming with friends in Darby Creek)

Minor League Baseball game in Wilmington, DE:

Trip to Upstate New York! Syracuse, Hill Cumorah Pageant, the Sacred Grove, the Joseph Smith Farm, Palmyra Temple, Book of Mormon Publication Site, and Niagara Falls! We had a wonderful time! 
(Syracuse University)

(Friends from Provo we met up with at Niagara Falls!!)

We went to the shore! (Ocean City, New Jersey)

#5 turned 5 years old!! 

And then we announced that a baby would be coming in February 2015! 

PHEW!! August coming up next... 

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Talk about a month of AWESOMENESS!!!