Tuesday, September 02, 2014

August 2014 Catch-Up

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in the July post, but my SIL had a baby on #5's birthday. Huzzah! A new baby makes four for my brother and his wife. So sad they live all the way in California:

August 2014 highlights included:

*Random fun
*Back to the shore
*A visit from our friends!
*A trip to Connecticut for the BYU vs UConn football game!

First, just shortly after we announced our pregnancy, I awoke early one morning with bleeding. Brandon was in Seattle and so I called him, talked with him, woke up #1 so she could watch the kids, and drove myself to the hospital. I'd like to say I had a good experience, but it was awful. It took three hours for me to be admitted, seen, have the ultrasound done, and then for them to tell me that I was actually still pregnant --that my baby was still alive. I was an emotional wreck and the ER doctor treated me like I was irrational for having feelings about it. Sigh. The good news is that it was something simple and easy to explain (it was placental bleeding, something they think occurred at attachment, and therefore was not dangerous. The bleeding stopped within a few days), and it forced me to finally choose a good doctor (homebirth is off the table, and although I'm devastated about it, I'll be okay). Anyway... all is well! Oh! One more thing (kind of fun) --I had an early blood test and ultrasound due to my age (*cue eye roll here*) but one of the tests determined gender. We're having a girl!! We're so excited! This was how I announced it on FB and such:

And here she is (laying down, looking up, profile, head on the right of the photo): 


#3 had his 10th birthday --we went back to Ocean City for the big day! 

 A visit from our Rexburg friends, the Lemon Family!

BYU vs UConn football trip! Cougars won 35 to 10. We stayed at a friend's lake cottage and also went to the local county fair. It was a great weekend! 

(#1's BFF came with us!) 

(We tailgated with Brandon's colleague (the owner of the lake cottage) and so we were in Huskie territory!)

(#6 was hilarious --he never smiled on any of the rides, although he was so insistent on riding them!)

I know this is technically September, but since it marks the end of summer, I'm going to share it, anyway. Yesterday was a Ward BBQ and swim party (so fun!) and last night Brandon gave the kids father's blessings for the start of the new school year.  Today was the first day of school for the older four. #5 starts Kindergarten tomorrow! 

(Shucking corn before the BBQ; photo courtesy of our Bishop!)

(Chair for the blessings...) 

(8th, 6th, 5th, and 2nd!) 


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