Monday, June 23, 2014

Let the Summer Begin!

Nana came to visit! It was a last-minute trip and I am the worst because I forgot to take pictures! I think it's because we didn't go do anything "big," but preferred to just hang out and spend time together. Nana brought games/puzzles for all the kids and they got to spend one-on-one time with her. We went to the park, out to dinner, did chores at home, went to church, and one night Brandon and the boys took her on a walk by the creek. She was only here for a few days, but we were so glad she came to visit!

(where we had dinner one night)

Oh, wait... here's one picture! She got to go with Brandon to the 7th grade awards assembly and see #1 receive 3 awards. Whoever took the photo didn't do a very good job. :(

Father's Day! No pictures, but it wasn't super epic or anything. Brandon has Bishopric meetings that morning, so we celebrated after church. The kids make him cards and gave him the first 6 original Star Trek movies, and then we had a Mexican Nacho Bar. Okay, I just made that up --it was just nachos/tacos, whatever. A favorite! We love Brandon and he's a great dad! My friend gave this card to her husband for Father's Day and now I wish I had gotten for Brandon --because it's true! (The only thing I would add is "and raise them!"):

#2 "graduated" from 5th grade! It was a fun and simple ceremony. When #1 had her awards assembly, I stayed with the little boys so he could go; this time he stayed with the little boys so I could go to this. It was a lot of fun!

The kids found a turtle in our grass. Since he had quite a ways to go, they helped him out and took him to where he was headed (the trees and water).

We got a badminton set! Now the kids cannot complain about boredom, ever. Ev. Er. We have the trampoline, a soccer net, badminton, friends, trees, a little playhouse for #6, and we even bought a hose (there wasn't one with the house) so we can do slip n' slides down the hill --real ones, unlike the make-shift one #1 and her BFF did for the kiddos on their last day of school (which was so nice!):

Saturday (June 21) was a crazy day. The kids were NOT being cooperative with chores, and I was so exhausted from having to deal with their moody Summer attitudes (I think this is a thing? End of school attitudes that are just tired of working at all? Summer Solstice?), so I sent Brandon a text while he was getting the oil changed on the van:

But they rallied, I rallied, Brandon was super supportive and led the kids well, and so by 3PM, we were able to go do something fun: swim in Ridley Creek! This was where Brandon had brought his mom and the boys last week, and since they had had so much fun, Brandon wanted us all to go. This time, they brought goggles and instead of just wading around, they decided to go for a swim! Clothes and all! We went to two different spots on the trail loop and the kids had the time of their lives! And the weather was perfect for it; it was truly a beautiful place to be. So, of course, I took loads of photos:

Our Sensational Spectacular Super Summer (I always forget what I call it) is underway! We started this morning and it went well. There was essay writing and Pennsylvania history learning and it only took about 1 1/2 hours. Tomorrow #1 goes to girl's camp and Brandon is in Nashville for the week, so things will be a bit different, but I'm determined to see this all through! For example, we are supposed to be up reading scriptures at 7:30AM and when I woke up at 8:06AM, I didn't panic --just got the kids up and we read. Easy peasy!

And that is all! For now!

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