Monday, May 05, 2014

Annoying and Loving

Things that are annoying me, lately: 

*Ticks. Lots of ticks. Like this one we found in my son's head: 

*Only one dishwasher. I swear I need three!

*Our medical family practice. They don't open until 9AM, it takes 10 minutes on hold before even talking to a human being, they never have same-day appointments available and so we've been having to go to the Instacare, and I wonder: do they even want our business??! Time to change (irony: they've only seen one of us, so far. Me. They haven't even seen one of the kids, yet!! Who are these people!?)

*Slow decisions regarding lawn care. We need to get this forest mowed! Yesterday! (See first annoying entry regarding ticks!)

*Disciplining a newly angry/frustrated/bent-on-disobeying four year old. I swear, #5 is throwing me for a loop! And it's sad, because normally he's so sweet and fun. Growth spurt? Almost-five-itis? Either way, it's getting tough. (Sidebar: I've noticed #4 is getting better (less whiny) while #5 is getting worse. Trading places? Must be an age thing...). Good thing I love them both so fiercely! 

Things I'm loving right now:

*Springtime in PA. Seriously, the blossoms are outstanding! And to watch the trees come alive, the green everywhere, the birds singing, the colors?? It's made the winter worth it! (Not even a good picture of what it looks like because I just barely snapped it from my living room window. Yes, I'm lazy.): 

*New haircuts on the boys (this was taken before my parents came to visit): 

*#6's long fingers: 

*Church. Everything about church. Serving, listening, the Spirit, learning, laughing, associations with such beautiful people, hearing my children bear testimony, seeing them learn something new, the music, the knowledge, the love! Everything. 

*Red nail polish on my toenails and my fingernails (because it's fun!): 

*Busy Brandon who serves so willingly. Example: yesterday, he got up early and picked up the young men to do a service project (yard work). After six hours of that, he came home and went to Costco for me. Then he cleaned up and drove our van full of youth to Mormon Prom (which was in New Jersey). After that late night, he got up early to make it to Bishopric meeting by 7:15AM. Church was from 10AM to 1PM, and then he was in meetings until almost 3PM. He then drove the missionaries to our house, where we ate dinner, and then he drove the missionaries and #1 to Bishop's Youth Devotional at the Bishop's house. They got home around 8PM, where he finally had a chance to relax and went to bed early. Number of complaints from my husband? Minus three. I say that because he had nothing but good things to say about the weekend. Isn't he amazing!? 

*My old cat: 

*Music! I'm leading a woman's choir to sing in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday; I'm also accompanying a musical number for our Visiting Teaching Conference during Relief Society (also this Sunday. Busy Mother's Day!). Then I'm accompanying a few violin students for their Spring Recital in a few weeks. I love it! 

*So many babies! I seriously can't even count how many of my friends and family are pregnant, let alone how many have recently given birth. Even though my heart is still sad because I have not joined their ranks, I'm sincerely overjoyed to see so many righteous women making the conscious choice to have children. They are blessed children, too, to be coming into such wonderful homes! 

What is annoying you, lately? But more importantly, what are you loving right now? 

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FoxyJ said...

My four-year-old is being really annoying lately too. What is it with that age? She just turned 4 in February and the last few months have been hard for all of us. She was a very sweet, easy-going toddler and lately has been super grouchy, whiny, and so frustrating! Hopefully she'll grow out of this phase soon (and hopefully yours will too).

I've been loving the spring weather, the flowers, and the progress my two older kids are making in their piano recitals. I love the end of the school year with all it's programs and recitals--so much fun!