Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Family + Scriptures = This (For Us, Anyway)

We read scriptures every weekday morning as a family. We read at 6:30AM because #1 and Brandon need to be out the door by 7:30AM (the elementary-aged kids don't need to leave until 8:20AM). This morning, I thought it would be nice to record what it looks like!

Since I'm married to a technology lover, we read them through the Apple TV via Brandon's iPad (or my iPhone when he's traveling). It looks like this:

I'm not entirely sold on the way we do this, since I want our kids to know how to navigate their physical scriptures, but using them in FHE and Church will help. What's nice is that nobody ever loses their place, and everyone can follow along at the same time (well, when they actually pay attention). We each read five verses, except for #4, who read one. #5 repeats one verse, as well. After we're done reading (it takes about 15-20 minutes or so), we kneel down and say a family prayer. Then I turn on Pandora to the Mozart station (Classical music) and it's off to get ready for school!

Right now, we're reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon. We just finished reading Alma's teachings to his sons and started reading about the wars.

The kids are usually cold and tired, so there are a lot of blankets (may change come summertime). #6 is the only child exempt from family scripture study at this point. I'm sure it will change by the next school year, but since he can't even repeat a verse, yet, we just let him sleep. The older kids sometimes wish we'd let them just sleep:

The cat joins us:

#3 reading out loud:

It snowed last night, so we have a nice dusting outside:

What do you do for family scripture study? What does it look like in your home? What are you currently reading? 


Becca R said...

We read in the evening because dad has to be out the door by 6:30 most mornings, and I have to be out the door by 7. Each person has their own scriptures, mom and dad use tablets, and occasionally a lucky kid gets a smartphone or other device ;)

Dad picks who reads which verse (he's good at guaging each child's reading ability and giving them a verse that will be a good fit). To make sure all the kids follow along, dad will stop them in the middle of a verse and call on someone else to read. The kids are getting a lot better at following along ;)

We read about one verse each, some are split into two parts. Our youngest is also exempt because he's 1 and falls asleep before scriptures. The next youngest repeats, but the rest are readers, and I have noticed their reading getting so much better as we read the scriptures!

cheryl cardall said...

We always had to read at night because my husband was out the door by 6 most mornings. But since our move he doesn't leave until 7:30. We read at 7, usually during eating breakfast. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. We are reading the New Testament currently and my kids are LOVING it. My 13 year old bore his testimony this month about how much he loves it.

Diane said...

We always read at night. Usually just one person reads and leads a discussion, but I LOVE your idea of having the scriptures on a TV screen. I think that might just make our scripture study a little better. Thanks for sharing.