Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Love

Happy Birthday to me!

It's been a great day so far! Nothing different than what I do any other day, but a lot of texts, phone calls, cards, messages, and Facebook birthday wishes. The comments left on my last post have also been so wonderful. Every single word is appreciated! Thank you, dear reader, for so much love. I appreciate it beyond words. 

Here are photos of yours truly as a baby and as of this morning (I need a haircut!): 

So, my sweet oldest daughter sent me this email. I had to share it (with her permission) because it was honestly the best thing I've ever read. It gave me so much joy! (And laughter. You'll know when you read about toilets.) My daughter is amazing. (And yes, I know my kids' names are listed, although I edited out our last name. Feeling pretty okay with it.)

"Happy Birthday Mom! It's your 35th! So here is a list of the wonderful things you've done in the past 35 years and things you are.

1) You were born.
2) You got an education. 
3) You found Dad. 
4) You got married to the love of your life.
5) You had me,
6) Nikki,
7) Nathan,
8) Mark,
9) James,
10) Matthew.
11) You became a stay-at-home mom--the best thing EVER!
12) You are beautiful
13) You amaze me with the strength you possess
14) You express your feelings
15) You moved our family twice!
16) You stay true to the Church.
17) You help anyone in need if you can.
18) You are the best Mom ever!
19) You have the prettiest smile
20) You help your children and me through a game called life.
21) You are my hero.
22) You may have your flaws, but to us you'll always be perfect.
23) Your love is pure
24) You have the bestest hugs ever!
25) You protect your children 
26) You are an AWESOME daughter of our Heavenly Father
27) You are my best friend
28) You've had 35 birthdays!!
29) You love the necessities of life- food, sleep, and toilets
30) You make the best pasta in the whole wide world
31) I love your ability to make anyone feel loved
32) You aren't afraid of crying
33) You are a fun, sweet person to talk to
34) You have the best laugh in the universe
35) You are Cheryl ---my mom and friend. 

I love you so much! I WISH YOU THE BEST 35th BIRTHDAY EVER! *crossing my fingers*"

Isn't she the best?! 

In other news, I was browsing through my Pinterest boards and when I came to my board entitled, "My Style," I stopped and forgot how to breathe again. I like really beautiful things! But it made me wonder: "if this is my style, and I love it so much, why am I not doing more to incorporate such beauty into my life?"

So. The goals for YEAR THIRTY FIVE! (although technically this is my thirty-sixth year, but whatever) will now include:

1. Get healthy (brain meds, exercise, and eat good food)
2. Incorporate the beauty and style that I love into my life.
3. Spend less time online and more time with people. 

The End. 

P.S. Here are several photos from my Pinterest "My Style" board. [Oh, and if you want to follow me (I haven't pinned much of anything since the move, but I may start again), email me and let me know]:


sariqd said...

Your daughter just rocks! What a lovely tribute to you!

And I love your style - it actually reminds me of your new home/location. :)

Cheryl said...

Sariqd, yes! It does, right?! I have to admit that it kind of shocked me and reminded me again that Heavenly Father guided us here and new I would be happy here. I just need to make it happen, now. ;) Baby steps, baby steps...

Stanton said...

What an awesome email! Gosh she's cute!

I read a quote this week at the doctor's office that said, "Everything in your home should be a visual representation of the life you want to live." It seriously stopped me in my tracks. It's so true! Calm, order, peace, the temple, my family, simplicity. That's the life I want to live - and if my home reflects that, then my children and anyone else who comes to my home will be able to feel and know exactly who I am and what I stand for at their very first glance. It filled me up inside.
Your style is so lovely. And sariqd is right, your new home is a perfect start to making that a reality!

Stanton said...


cheryl cardall said...

Best birthday present ever! Happy Birthday! your style totally fits with the Pennsylvania countryside!

Camille said...

Happy Birthday (if not a day late)! What an amazing daughter you have...that letter from her to you shows what an amazing Mother YOU are!!!
I love reading your are so very real. I need to read about real.
You are a few months younger then me ( I turned 35 last Sept), and I am actually loving being in my 30's. I am almost 30lbs heavier then I was in my 20's, yet I love the confidence I have in myself now that I have NEVER had before in my life. I love knowing who I am as a mother, wife, daughter of God, a woman. And while I can't beleive I am less then 5 years away from 40 (sorry, but that sounds old!!!) I can't wait to see all that I will learn and know then :)
And I love the baby picture of you! Your babies look so much like you!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Sweetest email ever!