Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime Keeps Going and Going and Going...

Miracles for Jen, folks. Check out her blog and work backwards to see how she not only survived her risky surgery, but how our prayers for her helped. I'm so grateful she's alive and so grateful that she and her little baby are doing so well. She risked her life for something the world and society think is crazy. She is my hero in so many ways. She put her life and her faith in Heavenly Father's hands, and for it, her entire family, her friends, and countless people who love her and read about her have been blessed beyond measure. God is so good, dear reader. So very, very good!


#1 left for girl's camp today (church camp for girls age 12-18). I was shocked as I drove away, leaving her at the church with all her gear, because I cried! I didn't cry when she went to 5th grade sleep-away camp last year, so why now? I guess it's because it represents the beginning of the end. Six years and she'll be done with high school. Six years and she'll be out on her own. This felt like the first step. *sniff*



I'm back on antidepressants. Whoo.

It had to happen. I had a feeling it probably would, but I'm surprised at how I don't feel anything but... relief. Relief to have found a good GP doctor, and relief that I know my body/mind so much better now to know what works and what doesn't.

I think it's working a little bit. We'll see. It's too soon to know.


We went hiking to Stewart Falls on Saturday! We went with my friend, her brother, and Brandon joined us for half the time (he had to get to a golf game. Long story). It was gorgeous and fun --I never get tired of hiking to Stewart Falls, dear reader. I've hiked it more than 50 times (close to 70) and I always love it. Here's some photos:


Most annoying pet peeve as of late:

When people say to me, "Cheryl, I could never do that," in reference to having more than X amount of kids or enduring my traveling husband or whatever.

Guess what? Yes, you could. Maybe you don't want to, or maybe you don't have to, but you could. You could if you HAD to do it. You could if you CHOSE to do it. So, please, please, please don't insult yourself (or me in the process) by insinuating that you could never do something hard. You're stronger than you think you are.


Toddler-hood is my hardest stage. Like his older brothers before him, #6 loves to stay his curiosity by indulging in it. And he LOVES to climb. I think this is why God invented naptimes, to give mothers respite. Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy somethin' fierce! But still, the constant moving is taxing at times...


Yesterday, my sister and I spent nearly three hours (two hours?) with our kids by a creek. They had a great time (and yes, if you are counting, that's EIGHT boys! And two girls. Of course.):


Rachel Holtkamp said...
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Cheryl said...

My least favorite is the "FIVE children? I could never do that!" Or "Five children? ARe you crazy?" Neither one of which are compliments. Because it's as if I didn't make a conscious choice of having 5 children (it was very conscious and if I could have more I would) and people act like it's a piece of cake for me. Well I'm here to tell ya, that it's not (of course you know that, you have more than I do), but LIFE is a test and isn't supposed to be EASY. That's the point of life! Motherhood isn't supposed to be EASY. It's supposed to push us to our limits, it's supposed to refine us, it's supposed to make us more like our Father and Mother in Heaven. For heaven's sake people stretch yourself and trust that God will make you and mold you into more than you could yourself if you will let him!

Rant over.

Amanda D said...

I'm in the same boat as you with the 12-year-old.

I love Stewart Falls too. It is such a great hike!

Love the afternoon by the river. That sounds like heaven!

Rachel Holtkamp said...

I realized I was a little too specific in my comment and didn't want to offend those I mentioned.

Cheryl said...

Totally understandable. :) I really appreciated your first comment, though. And I agree! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and the deployment. You're amazing!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You know how much I love the pictures...I always love the pictures!!
My 12 year old will be going to camp this year too...what a roller coaster we are riding, eh?
Oh, and that Stewart Falls hike I went on with you a few years ago is still such a fond memory of mine. :)