Thursday, February 07, 2013

BYU Women's Conference, Birthdays, and Vacations

I'm not supposed to be self-promoting, but I figured I needed to get the word out so I could get some support and a few "good on ya's!" in the process.

I was asked to present at BYU Women's Conference this year. Can you believe it??

I was floored and shocked (still both a little), but completely humbled by it. I'm nervous, but I'm preparing and... well... it'll be awesome. Of course it will, eh? How could it not be?

Anyway, if anyone wants to hear me speak, email me (happymeetscrazy at gmail dot com) and I'll send you the information about when/where. My subject is on womanhood (vague, I know), but I feel like I've been preparing for my specific subject my entire adult life (if you want to hear the details, you have to come listen to me!).


Two birthdays this week. One tomorrow (#4 is turning six years old!) and one on Monday (#2 is turning ten years old!) and two birthday parties on Saturday. Friend parties. Because they are turning even years, and I made the decision years ago that the kiddies could have friend parties on their even years. Of course, this was before I had two children sharing a birthday week AND were born on odd years (2003, 2007), thus solidifying that they will always have friend birthdays on the SAME year. Le Sigh.

#4's party will be simple. Twelve boys (or so?), 90 minutes. Games, cupcakes, presents, play around. #2's will be more involved. 14 girls (or so), karaoke, dancing, snack foods, games, and... something. For THREE hours. But it beats a sleepover (which are not allowed in our family), so I can't complain.

Presents are bought. All that's left is party prep for Saturday. I think. Not sure, because I haven't even looked at the prep list. Which I made earlier this week and promptly forgot to take to the store. So, I could have a bazillion things to do and not even know it, yet. Which is okay. For now.


In other news, Brandon and I will be going on a little vacation sans kids later this month. It means weaning the almost one year old, and that's been hard. As in, I haven't really done it, yet. I don't want to! But he needs to eat while we're gone, eh? Still, I'm thinking I'm going to try to nurse him again when we get back. Wish me luck, there!

Preparing for vacations is kind of a joke around here. Why? Because it takes weeks. And it doesn't matter if we're all going or just some of us are going, it's a monumental effort anyway. Laundry and schedules and packing and food and money and diapers and all kinds of stress. Usually it's worth it when we get there, but sometimes I'm not sure... Okay, just kidding. It's totally worth it!


WoozleMom said...

I, for one, wish I could come hear you speak! But alas, Utah is too far and too expensive for me to make the trip. Would you maybe consider sharing your thoughts here, after it's over?

Julie said...

Congrats, Friend! That's a huge accomplishment!

Chantelle said...

I agree with the first comment - as much as I'd love to come hear you, a round trip from England at 7 months pregnant isn't happening unfortunately! Would love to hear what you'll be speaking on :-)

Where are you taking a vacation? Hope you have a wonderful time!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Send me the info!!!

Amanda D said...

Wow, Cheryl! Congrats! When is Women's Conference? How cool would that be? You will do amazing. I can't wait to hear about it!

Have a great time on your vacation with Brandon. Where are you headed?

Cheryl said...

Women's Conference is May 2nd and 3rd this year.

We're headed to Florida and then a Cozumel cruise. It will be wonderful because it will be warm! :)