Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend in San Francisco!

What I did last week:

*Got the flu. Yep. Not the stomach kind, thank goodness, but the achy, rotten, feverish, turns into a head/chesty cold kind of flu. I may end up keeping this cough for a good couple of weeks.

*I got the flu the day I flew (ha! get it? flu, flew, haha...sigh) to San Francisco to be with Brandon. Baby and I left Friday morning; my sweet parents watched the kids for me while we were gone. Brandon had been in SF for business, and we decided to extend his stay, have me fly in and enjoy some time together (we like doing this. In fact, we seem to do it a lot). Of course, baby is still nursing  for at least 90% of his calories, so he had to tag along. Fun stuff we did in SF:
1. Attended a gala dinner (for a lifetime achievement award recipient in Brandon's industry) with the only baby in tow (and only because we had to). People were so kind and loved seeing #6, though. I forgot what it's like to hang out with drunk people. Luckily, they were all funny/silly drunk, not mean. And it wasn't even that bad.
2. Took the ferry to Sausalito where we shopped, walked, and ate yummy food (we had Brandon's cousin come help us out with the baby that day since she lives in the Bay Area --it was so fun to see her!)
3. Ate sushi at a great basement place near Union Square where we had to tie baby to the chair with a scarf so he wouldn't fall out of a booster chair (they didn't have high chairs). Realized, in that moment, that I desperately need this! 
4. Enjoyed Christmas on Union Square.
5. Rented bikes and rode from Ghiradelli Square all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, across the bridge, and then into Sausalito! After eating lunch there, we took the ferry back, did some farmer's market shopping, and then rode back to Ghiradelli Square. Total biked: 12 1/2 miles. Brandon hauled baby in the trailer the whole way and I will confess that I had to walk my bike up at least three hills. But not the bridge! I biked across that baby the whole way. It was AMAZING! We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day, either. The bay is so beautiful.
6. Waited in line for an hour to get on the Trolley. Blerg. And when we DID get on it, we were squished on the inside and couldn't see anything. Ah, well. We needed the ride back to our hotel, anyway, and there was NO WAY I was walking 12+ blocks with baby on my back after having ridden almost 13 miles! Plus, we've ridden the trolley before. No biggie.
7. Had delicious Thai Food take-out in our hotel room watching dumb television while baby slept in the crib. Never underestimate how much fun watching dumb TV can be while downing yellow curry and laughing with your significant other!

*I was reminded again why I have been blessed to have married my husband. Scenario: I was looking at my husband's back as he rode his bike in front of me. I would look to the right and see the cars on the Golden Gate Bridge whizzing past me. Then I would look at Brandon's back. Then I would look left and see the ocean. Then I would see a biker pass me on my left (I was going pretty slow) and I'd look back and Brandon's back. And I thought to myself: "This is only one of hundreds of awesome situations in which I have found myself simply because I married this incredible man in front of me."

It's true, you know. Brandon pushes me to do things I never thought I could do, nor ever thought I would WANT to do. The list is a mile long --the list of things I've experienced --and it keeps getting longer. Not necessarily things that people think are spectacular or life-changing, but things that push me out of my comfort zone. Examples: snorkeling, skiing, boating, trying new foods, learning a new skill, climbing mountains, parasailing, riding across the Golden Gate Bridge...

*Because my husband took such great care of me in my flu-ness-ness, I was able to do all the fun things I mentioned (like the biking). Seriously, the man was very attentive!

*I came home to a spectacularly clean home, happy kids, wonderful parents, and a very sick 9 year old daughter. The flu was not isolated to me! It is now making the rounds. Bets on who's next? I hope it's not Brandon. He's in Florida right now for work. Yep! Crazy man flew out Tuesday morning. He works so hard.

*How was your weekend, dear reader?



Chantelle said...

Oh, brilliant! Have been waiting for more details of your trip, it sounds like you had such a great time! So happy for you :-) I have been to SF, but on,y when I was young with my parents - I don't remember a whole lot. Would love to go back!

My weekend was much more run-of-the-mill... Grocery shopping, our ward Christmas party (which was actually pretty good!) and church.


Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco. Looks like a great weekend!