Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happiness On This Tired Tuesday

Baby is sick. This means no sleep. Well, no more sleep than usual, eh? I somehow eeked in a shower this morning, though (miracles!) and so even though I've got a baby who wants to be held all the time and a brain that is going on 3 nights of very little sleep (which stinks, because holy heck, we had gotten him down to 1-2 wakings a night! Sigh, indeed), I'm feeling okay. I am. It's amazing how a hot shower (even a quick one) can set things right again.


*My Christmas present (half of it) should be delivered today! Every time a garbage truck goes by (it's garbage day), I think it's the UPS truck, and when it's not, I die a little bit inside. I'll take photos of my gift when it comes so you can be excited with me, okay? Okay.

*I got to hold newborn identical twin boys last night (ward member's) and it was pure heaven. I love fresh babies --fresh from heaven! And twins!? Marvelous.

*We are doing Christmas letters/cards/whatever this year. Yay! I love the real snail-mail kind. Sure, the email kind is okay, too, but there's just something about stamping up a letter...

*Although the stove door keeps breaking, #3 and #4 managed to break off one of our cupboard doors (clean off, man), our main bathroom sink drips so we keep the cold off so it won't, the piano is starting to break down (keys not working), I broke the back of one of our kitchen chairs (sigh) and so now it's a stool, the Wii remotes aren't working, #5 scratched the side of Brandon's car (now it matches the dent!), our wood floors have decades of damage (water and wear/tear), and many more things keep breaking (but I should stop now) --it's okay. Story: the other day (meaning yesterday), when #5 dropped a glass and it shattered all over the bathroom floor, I was AMAZED at my reaction. I heard it, I shouted for him to be careful and stay there, and then calmly went into see what happened. He kept saying, "I sorry mom!!" over and over and I assured him it was fine. Because it was fine. I cleaned it up and only two thoughts went through my mind: 1. He didn't get cut. Hooray! and 2. This floor needed a good cleaning, anyway.

*Christmas Music. No explanation necessary.

*My aunt gave me loads of hand-me-down clothing that she no longer needs. She has great taste and now I don't have to look like a frumpy hobo anymore. Thank you, Arlene!

*My neighbors are moving (that's not the happy part) and some ward members are moving in (that's the happy part). It's nice to already know the neighbors, and it's nice that I already like them! I asked Brandon, though: "Why do people keep moving away from us?" because it's the fourth time it's happened in the last 11 years. He said "They all need to be influenced by our amazing personalities."

*Friends who understand my exact situation and validate my fears/frustrations/joys.

What is happiness for you today?


Anonymous said...

Brand new paid employment for my husband! Major happiness for me! And, we have a cozy home, and people who love us. I'm also very blessed to have enough raw materials in the sewing stash and woodshop to make sure we have some fun Christmas gifts for our household, and we'll be able to help with some service projects, too. So many reasons to be happy!

Raisin4Cookies said...

I'm doing lots of homemade gifts for Christmas, and yesterday I finished some super cute slippers for my 2 year old. I'm extra happy about it because the first try ended in disaster, so hurray! They are finished! On to the next task...

Chantelle said...

I think rather than respond here, I'm going to write a blog post in response to your question. Thank you for the inspiration, Cheryl!

Oh - newborn twin boys. What a blessing. I LOVE newborns. Cannot wait to hold my little guy when he gets here next Spring! :-)

And I haven't started on the Christmas music yet... But I might go ahead and crank it up today. I'm in a festive kind of mood!!

Stephanie said...

My darling 3 year old just drew a darling picture of our family, and then told me about it while she showed it to me. I love preschooler drawings!!!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

"This floor needed a good cleaning, anyway."--totally guffawed at that one. :)