Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Have to Say it is a Lovely Day!

It's been a lovely day, I will not claim otherwise. Yes, I'm still in jammies, but I will now refer to them as "workout clothes" because I did, in, fact, exercise whilst wearing them. Yes, I have a list a mile long of things I still need to do. But! It has been lovely. "Why has this been a lovely day?" Why, dear reader, thank you for asking! I shall tell you.

Brandon made homemade apple cider in the crockpot, so when we woke up this morning? Fresh, hot apple cider. Yummy!

The youngin's and I went walking with my friend and we did the stairs twice (although I did have baby on my back the whole time and had to carry #5 up half the flight because he was upset, so, it's like I did it 6 times, right? Right). It was cloudy, crisp, and beautiful. Love this weather! The sky was vast and gorgeous and... well, you understand.

Brandon fixed all the bike tires that needed fixin' on Saturday, so my bike trailer was ready to go. This meant I got to ride my bike to pick up #4. Delightful! Double exercise, too!

I made a green smoothie for my lunch! (Arugula, spinach, banana, green apple, frozen berries, and chocolate almond milk)

Brandon came home for lunch and even though it was quick, I loved it. Because I love having him around.

I used some big, beautiful russets to make potato soup and it is currently simmering in the crockpot. There's a loaf of sourdough bread waiting to eat with it, so dinner will be fantastic!

That's why it has been a lovely day (thus far), even though #3 stayed home sick with a fever (poor guy), there are mountains of laundry calling my name, and I have not finished this month's book club book (which is so not like me!).

Here are some quick photos I took this morning on our walk and when we did the stairs (you can see the stairs and #5 --in his red jacket --in the last one). Autumn makes me happy!


Oh, yeah! And it's been lovely because I literally LOL'd at this video. Too funny! Enjoy:


Michelle said...

I think I am all for modified!

Cheryl said...

I know, right? Ha!

Chantelle said...

Sounds like a fantastic day. And now I'm craving baked potato soup and hot cider! :-)