Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween. Ugh.

Teething baby + looming camping trip + Halloween + sleepless nights = me sitting on the couch writing this blog. What else would it mean?

#3's room mother called me last week and asked if I would be willing to come to the classroom for the Halloween party. It starts one hour after the Halloween parade, in which, if I remember correctly, always goes on for longer than an hour (if you're waiting for several of your children to shuffle past). I told her I'd rather be willing to send items because if I went, I'd have to take a Kindergartener, a 3 yr old, and a baby. And I told her I needed to be sure to see my 6th grader and 4th grader in the parade, too... and so... She was nice and understanding, but I could tell she wasn't. Not really. I mean, I wrote my name down to help. Why would I do that to bail on her?

Why do I write my name down? What is wrong with my brain!? I sometimes go to the classroom for parties, but it's HARD for me to do it. I'm perfectly fine with sending items or purchasing things (for example: I will be buying donuts for #1's 6th grade Halloween party and napkins/cups for the Kindergartner's Halloween party), but to be there in person? Running a game? With THREE children in tow?

Finally settled on costumes:
#1: Cat
#2: Hippie
#3: Ninja
#4: Ninja
#5: Diego ("Do Day-go Do!")
#6: Pumpkin. Or pumpkin spice.
Me: Pepper
Brandon: Salt  (Thank you to Woozlemom for the idea!)

AND! I've always struggled with my conscious for passing out candy at Halloween. Yes, I know it's tradition, yes, I allow my kids to eat candy, but I hate the idea of perpetuating all the diabetes/cancer causing crap that the kids eat every year. One year, I passed out pencils. Kids didn't like that and several were rude. Another year, I just caved and did candy. But this year? Fruit leather. Yes! Fruit leather! Most kids love it. It's healthy. The sugars are natural, nothing added. Costco sells them in bulk. Huzzah! Sure, the kids will still have to brush their teeth, but at least there are no GMO's or added ingredients. Straight fruit.

We're going to Moab in two days with our besties. Camping. Have I started packing? Nope. I should. Because tonight I'm going to see some awesome friends, and then tomorrow is Halloween, and then Thursday --doh! We leave on Thursday!

Why am I on this couch?!


WoozleMom said...

Glad you could use the idea!

Anonymous said...

My offspring are sorting out their own outfits... something with a hoopskirt for the 16yo, articulated armor gloves and a cloak for the 13yo boy (which armor has kept him industriously engaged for nearly a week), something cloak-based with a scarf on the 7yo, and princessy-foof on the 4yo. I'm thinking we may just roll her in a leaf pile and send her as a dust bunny.

Anonymous said...

Well, by now you've already left, so I hope everything worked out. Halloween was very stressful for me this year--especially considering that I may have had even less to do with the whole costuming thing than I usually do (which is little indeed). I think it may have been the fact that I was pre-menstrual. That may be oversharing, but that's what friends do. We're still friends, right? I hope you are enjoying your trip.