Saturday, October 27, 2012

Date Night! (and post at RI)

I'm at Real Intent again! Go read about my amazing grandmother, por favor. Si vous plait.


Date night last night with Brandon (and baby):

*Dinner at Sammy's (burger, sweet potato fries, chocolate PB cupcake shake --yes, I know, super healthy and all that)
*BYU Basketball game (only stayed for half. It's okay, though, because it was a pre-season game, we slaughtered the other team, and we had a good reason to leave...)

*Cary Judd and Fires In France at the Velour! (Brandon went to high school with Cary.) There were three other bands that played, too, but they were not nearly as good as Cary, or his band (which is Fires In France. In case you didn't know). Brandon made the observation: "Some people are in their bands for the fun, the glory, the performing on stage, but you can tell the difference when they are in it simply for the music. It's a big difference."

It was twice as fun, too, because we saw a few of Brandon's friends from high school who were also there to watch Cary and they sat with us.

I learned a few things about this date:

1. I am getting old. Loud music, sometimes, is just simply too loud. (And don't worry, we protected baby's ears!)
2. Sammy's serves the best portion sizes.
3. Our baby is a trooper (like the rest were before him)
4. Date night with my hubby is always a highlight of my week. He loves me. Reasons I know he loves me (yes, I know I make a lot of lists):

A. He opens doors for me. Still.
B. He always asks my opinion.
C. He bought the VIP seats at Velour so we could sit on the couch --he figured it would be easier for me with the baby.
D. He went back out to the car to get the stroller during dinner when we saw there were no high chairs, he looked everywhere in the Marriott Center parking lot for a binky we lost (never found it, but it's okay), and he double-checked with Velour to make sure baby could come in so I wouldn't have to walk twice as far.
E. He kisses me and holds my hand.
F. He laughs with me --not at me.

And he does stuff like this on every date. Every week.

I adore that man.

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