Thursday, September 13, 2012

Priorities. For Now.

My friend asked me, "How do you have time to be in a book club? When can you even read?! Seriously, how do you have time?"
"I go in spurts. I'll not read anything for about 3 weeks, and then I'll read voraciously and do nothing but read for 2 weeks," I replied. "I seriously ignore the house and the kids!"
She laughed.
I said, "It's like women who run marathons. How do they have time to train?"
"Good point. I guess we make time for what matters to us --it's priorities," she answered.

And there you have it. That's why I don't take the time to run marathons. It doesn't matter to me. But reading? It's my world. I HAVE to read books.

Other things I've made my priorities lately:

*Riding my bike every day. No, no --I'm not going far! Just 1/2 mile up to the school (with the two littlies in the bike trailer) to get #4 and back.

*Embracing my kids. What I mean is this: Instead of being upset if --no, when --they interrupt me (reading, blogging, cleaning, eating, going to the bathroom, showering), I answer with joy: "Hey, sweetie! What's up?" or whatever. I started doing this a long time ago, but sometimes it's easy to forget and to fall back into old habits. I'm trying to see my kids the way I would want to be seen. How would I feel if my caregiver, my parent, my mother, my whole world saw me as inconvenient? I don't want them to learn bad manners (of course), but I do want them to know they are loved and wanted.

*The new blog I'm writing on --getting posts written for it.

*Family scripture study. This morning we started 20 minutes late (due to a late shower) and I have to admit I didn't have a very good attitude about it all. But we still did it (thanks to Brandon) and we're still reading 10 verses each (70 verses a day!). But it's a habit, now. We read, we pray. Good habits!

*Taking my vitamins and meds. No explanation necessary.

And that's it. Because, as we all know, I'm a quitter. But the things I've made priorities seem to be good things, eh? I would argue, yes. Yes, they are.

What are your priorities right now?