Friday, September 14, 2012

Lazy Half Hour

If you look at the following pictures, you will see a lazy, blissful afternoon. Truth is, it lasted about 30 minutes (and that's slightly exaggerated!). #5 wanted to be in the front yard, and since it's not really safe (busy street), I grabbed a blanket, #6, and the book I'm reading for book club and joined him out under our large tree. The air is gorgeous right now (not too hot, a bite of crispness about it) and it was lovely to be outside. I read about one page total, of course, because the baby kept trying to eat the grass and #5 had to come show me the roley-poley bugs and worms he was determined to find in the flower beds. Ah, well. It was still nice, especially considering the crazy schedule we had the rest of the day! (soccer game, elementary school carnival)


Julie said...

That's exactly how long any leisure activity lasts at our house, too. :)

Also, that's a really fun book.

bythelbs said...

Your grass is so green!

I agree, that's a fun book.