Friday, September 07, 2012

In Other News, The Baby Likes Oatmeal

Sweet baby boy still won't sleep all night. I talked to my friend about the strange phenomenon I'm experiencing, and it's called, "I don't really care."

We talked about this at length. She told me how she looks at baby pictures of her youngest (who is still considered a "baby"!) and she cannot recall her looking like that. I told her I can't remember how my children looked as babies until I see their pictures, too. We are so focused on the here and now with our children --so focused on what we need to do TODAY, that we don't have room in our brains for all the yesterdays. Maybe this is why women scrapbook, eh?

We also talked about how time is fleeting. It passes so quickly. So, I nurse my baby twice a night for a year. Big whoopdie doo. Honestly, what's a year?

I do remember --if I think very hard --how difficult it was to get #5 to sleep in his own bed all night. It took months of work. But it finally happened and I've rarely thought about it since. Within the next week or so, we'll be embarking upon potty training (yay?), and I'm nervous because even though I don't remember all the accidents, I do remember how hard it can be for some kids to potty train. However, I do remember one thing: they get it, eventually. What's a couple of weeks of accidents? Sure, it's hard now, but it's not hard forever.

That's why I don't really care anymore that baby won't sleep all night. I can guarantee you that within a short amount of time, he will be, and I will have forgotten most of this, because I'll be focus on his 2 year old antics. It simply won't be an issue anymore. Don't believe me? Then you probably don't have children. *shrug


Yesterday in Sunday School I had an amazing experience. I won't share all the details or the particulars, but let's just say this: I felt the Spirit direct me to say something very specific to a person, and for the life of me, I truly cannot recall most of what I said. I can't. Which is, to me, another testimony of how the Lord uses us to help others. It wasn't about me --it was about this other person. I'm so grateful --and humbled --that it happened the way it did, because it could have actually been disastrous. Heavenly Father is so kind, dear reader.


I made a brilliant decision yesterday. I hired somebody to come each day to watch my kids so I can get the house stuff done. It's not just anybody, either --it's my sweet Jess, a girl who has been babysitting my kids for 10 years, who is leaving on a mission in a month, who has not much to do (no job anymore) and who needs the money (as little as I can give her, which, as she knows upfront, isn't much!). It's temporary (of course), but it will give me a chance to get caught up on housework and organize/clean out the office (something that has been hanging over my head since the baby was born). I know there are many mothers out there who hire "mother's helpers," but I've never really had a way to do it until now. Kind of excited! She gets here in 45 minutes...


WoozleMom said...

My baby had her 6-month doctor's appointment last week. She's seven months, but we moved so got behind a bit. :)

One of the questions they asked was, "Is she sleeping through the night yet?" I said, "Nope! But it's no big deal, she's still young and she'll figure it out eventually." I could tell they were surprised by my answer. So I completely understand the I-don't-care-because-it-won't-last-forever phenomenon you're experiencing.

The other amusing question was that after they asked me if she was breastfed or formula-fed (breast!), they asked how long I feed her on each side each time she eats. I honestly have no idea. I said, "I couldn't even hazard a guess. I feed her on-demand, so when she's hungry, she eats until she isn't hungry anymore." Again, they were surprised, but at least they accepted that answer.

Also, I loved that you shared the experience you had in Sunday School. I hope that I'm listening to the Spirit closely enough that I could do the same thing if there was a need.

Anonymous said...

WoozleMom, I love those responses! That's how we arranged things, too.

I actually miss those milky nights... They're such a short season, and though hard at times, so worthwhile! Last night, I ended up sharing a bed with my last nursling, who is now 4.5, and she snuggled up for a chat in the middle of the night, just as she used to snuggle up to nurse for awhile in the middle of the night.

It was so sweet! She said, "I missed you. 'Member when I was a tiny baby? We had snuggles every night! It is fun to have a sleepover with you, Mama." And then she konked out and snored in my ear and hogged all the blankets.

So, yeah, I'll take the short-term "hard"--the long-term fruit of a trusting child is too sweet to give up.

Gina M. said...

Dear friend, Ryan did not sleep through the night until he was over 2 years old. Seriously, TWO YEARS OLD. I tried everything, and it just was not going to happen. I ended up doing the I-don't-care thing too, mostly because I was a single mom going to school 3 days a week and working 3 days a week and did not even have the energy to compare him to other babies or convince myself that I was doing something wrong. So he wouldn't sleep, and yes it was beyond miserable sometimes, but just like you said, eventually he did sleep through the night, and now when I look back on it, I don't really remember much of the misery, I just remember how sweet he was when I held him. How fast it all goes.