Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ho-Hum. Whatever.

Current Pet Peeves:

*Bitter people
*Lying. In any form. Such as massive exaggeration in order to prove a point, thinking nobody will find out.
*Food poisoning (Yep! I had food poisoning these last few days. It might still be happening, too. I feel good in the mornings, and then it hits me like a truck in the afternoon and I'm out for the rest of the day. Two days down. Could happen today again, too. Whoo-hoo.)
*A whole box of Hatch Green Chiles that need to be seeded and frozen
*Constant, stupid, annoying debates about my religion. Debates about issues that will never change. Debates that change nothing but harden hearts against the Spirit. Debates that would be better served if people actually stopped trying to prove themselves right and went out and served their neighbors instead.

Things I'm loving:

*Nursing my baby
*My kids in school

Things I'm nervous about:

*Teaching my lesson on Sunday


This morning, in a burst of energy, I changed two poopy diapers, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, washed the pots, scrubbed out the sinks, started the laundry, wiped off the counters, tidied up the little boys' room, got the boys dressed, and gathered garbages. Then I nursed the baby, hung out on Facebook, found more TV shows for the 3 yr old (on PBS), and now I'm writing this blog post.

No comment on the whole thing. It just needed to be done.

And now I need to switch the laundry so I have something to wear today besides pajamas.

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