Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday is a Special Day. I Guess.

Too many events to talk about. I'll sum up:

*#3 turned 8 years old. That meant a birthday party with a million boys (okay, 10 or so) and a cub scout application. Tomorrow we'll get his first set of "real" scriptures and his cub scout shirt and book. Baptism is Labor Day weekend! I didn't blog about it or show pictures. I'll do it next week. Maybe. Probably.

*My sweet friend went through the Temple last night for the first time. She is going on a mission! This 21 year old young woman has been babysitting my children since she was 11 years old. That's 10 years, if you didn't count. Ten years! I'm so proud of her --she's so young and yet she's already traveled the world, graduated from college, experienced love and loss and is now choosing to share the Gospel. Love her! It was especially nice because I can't remember the last time I was able to make it to the Temple (having a nursing baby does that to a woman). I loved being there. So much.

*#1 broke her glasses. I might get new ones online.

*My husband fixed the garbage disposal! Huzzah! He did it the night it broke. Because he's amazing. And my hero.

*#5 has been wearing only a diaper pretty much exclusively for the last 4 weeks. I would dress him, but he just takes it all off. I would potty train him, but I'm waiting until school starts.

*Swimming lessons are going great. #1 might do another session or two while in school --she's thinking she wants to do swim team.

*Soccer starts this next week. I wrote out the schedule and tried not to have an anxiety attack.

*I should have done laundry today. Instead I took the kids to an ice cream social for friends who are moving out of state, cleaned out the fridge, tried to take a nap, worked on my Sunday School lesson, and other stuff. Blerg. I really should have done it, what with the fact that the clean laundry has been dumped in our room and re-dumped in our room over the last 4 weeks. I know, I know. But laundry is my nemesis and sometimes I let her win.

*Tomorrow morning my husband is getting set apart as the 2nd counselor in the Stake Young Men's Presidency. I wonder if that means they'll finally release him as the Priest's Advisor... but probably not. He's been the advisor for 4 1/2 years! They just like him, I guess.

*My laziness has created productive children. Although the 5 year old complains about having to get his own drink of water still (sigh, sigh), my older kids are pretty skilled in the kitchen. As I sit in the living room, watching baby and typing this, my girls are making a salad. Earlier this week, #1 made scrambled eggs for everyone, and she also made cookies for a bake sale last week. #2 is my go-to girl for cutting veggies (she really loves to cut tomatoes). #3 is really skilled at...making cold cereal. He pours that milk like a pro! Anyway...

*I'm so angry at the Olympics girl from the USA who tripped in the 1500 meters yesterday. I'm not mad at her for tripping; my heart broke when she did. Why am I mad? She just sat there. And cried. I screamed at her "What are you doing!? You're on OLYMPIAN! Get up! Run! Finish! Finish the race! Who cares if you come in last!! Didn't you hear about that guy in the Mexico City Olympics who finished last!?!? Come on!! GET UP!" I was so mad. I couldn't believe she just sobbed and walked off the track. Sure, nobody blames her, but I do. As a US citizen, as someone who fails ALL THE TIME, I was mad. Livid.

And with that, I bid you farewell, dear reader. Happy Weekend to you!


Amanda D said...

It's funny that you mention the girl in the 1500m. Today the topic in sacrament meeting was honesty/integrity and the young man speaking used some olympic examples of people that he didn't think had integrity and this was one he metioned. I was sad for her that she threw a fit instead of running too.

I was also annoyed with the Americans (or any other country) that were upset when they won silver. I get that they wanted gold, but silver is nothing to shake a stick at. I loved Gordon Rupp taking silver because he was so happy about it. Same with Missy Franklin.

Yay for a fixed garbage disposal, helpful kids and naked toddlers!

Anonymous said...

Man, if I could get away with wearing only a diaper, that is what I'd do. August!

I haven't been watching the Olympics, but your tale of the 1500m gal makes me mad too. Come on, lady!