Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School

Well, school has begun! Frankly, I'm relieved. I needed some change --scheduled change. The kids had a really great first day, too. However, our school is kind of strange. The first week (Tues-Fri) is early out (1:30PM). The second week 2nd-6th go normal hours, but the 1st graders still get out early. Kindergarten doesn't even start until next Wednesday. I understand why they do it --it's just kind of anticlimactic, especially for the Kindergartners with older siblings. *shrug

So, #1 (6th grade), #2 (4th grade), and #3 (3rd grade) started today. #4 will start Kindergarten next week. #2 was really nervous this year --she started at CAS (Center for Accelerated Studies). Luckily, it's under our local elementary school's jurisdiction, so it's only a mile from our house (and her principal is our other kids' principal, she'll do fine arts at our school, etc.). But she's in a classroom with kids from all over the school district and the expectation level of performance is high. No more "I'm the smartest in the whole class!" but rather "Oh, every one's like me!" This is good and bad. I'm hoping the good overcomes the bad and she enjoys her year.

#1 has decided to do "Quest for Excellence" that most 6th graders are encouraged to complete. Some requirements include reading 24 books, maintaining a high GPA, doing 8 hours of service, writing two major papers, and doing extracurricular activities. She's really excited about it!

I had a meeting with the school's facilitator and #3's teacher to discuss his IEP (Individual Education Plan). I'm really excited for this year because A. We now know EXACTLY what he has (Misophonia), B. The facilitator and principal have observed him and understand (and believe!) the concern, C. His teacher is right on board with what we think will work best for him, and D. He already has learned to walk away, use his headphones, etc. before becoming angry (although I wish it would translate more at home, but if he chooses to be kind in public and release a bit of anxiety at home, for now, that's okay!). His first day went really well --and I'm hoping this will be the best year, yet!

In honor of the first day of school, our FHE last night was basically just Father's Blessings. I wish I could say it was a reverent time in our home, but instead you will hear the truth: The Spirit was felt in spite of the silliness and irreverence. Best part? When the four oldest were finished with their blessings and we thought we were finished, #5 jumped onto the chair for his. Why not, eh? He may not be going to school this year, but the 3 year old is certainly entitled to a blessing from his father. I told him to close his eyes and he squeezed them shut --it was so cute! When his blessing was done, I felt inspired to sit down myself --so I got a "Husband" blessing. It was just what I needed, too. [Side note: Grateful to my Brandon for being worthy to hold the Priesthood of God. So grateful!]

And so, it begins. Another school year, another crazy schedule, another season. They say if you blink you'll miss your kids growing up. Well, I didn't blink, but they are still growing up too fast. I mean, look at these guys here --aren't they amazing? Love them so much.

(#5 was pretty sad he couldn't go with them. #4 didn't care --he was inside trying to sleep on the couch! The early morning came too quickly for him.)


Julie P said...

Look at your smarty pants kids! So happy. I love it!
(Want to get together next week?)

Cheryl said...


Chantelle said...

Oh, look at that sad little face! So sweet.

I'm looking forward to the madness of school holidays and the excitement of a new academic year... It was always my favourite time of year growing up and I can't wait to have that with my kid(s)! Got a while to go yet though...

Amanda D said...

Your kids are so cute! They all look excited to be going back. Yay for back to school! I have to say though -- I don't understand why they stagger the start of school and make is so confusing for parents. I love that here in Oregon, everyone starts on the same day-a Tuesday- and everyone goes for the full day right out.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, it's weird. They call them "transitional days" and I guess it makes sense ---no homework the first week, and 1st graders get used to being in school longer before they are actually in it "longer." But it is annoying --I'm just glad I don't also have a 1st grader this year! Those years are hard. And I just realized it will be us next year. Oh, well.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...