Friday, July 06, 2012

And It Begins. Again.

I'm joining Weight Watchers today. It had to be done. I know it works, I need help, and the accountability will kick me into gear. I can't do it online --I have to go to the meetings and weigh in publicly (well, sort-of-publicly). Paying the money will hurt my budget, so I'll have motivation to lose quicker (don't worry, I'll still do it safely). They also have a program for nursing mothers, so I know I won't lose my milk.

I printed off the thin picture of me that I posted here and taped it to the microwave which is above the stove. I also wrote down "Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels" and "I can do hard things!" and taped it next to that photo of me. Notice how I took out the word "thin" and replaced it with "healthy." Thin and skinny are words that I don't want my daughters to obsess over; I want them to see their mother getting "healthy."

Reasons I decided to do it:
*I saw pictures of me from recent events, and I had to work really hard to stop myself from bawling my eyes out.
*I feel gross.
*I've lost confidence. I realized, as I was getting ready to teach my gospel doctrine class a few weeks ago, that I was embarrassed to be seen in front of the class and I was grateful for the podium that hid me.
*I only have one pair of jeans that fit.
*I know better.
*I'm back to my heaviest weight. I've got 40-45 pounds to go, dear reader. I'm officially "obese."

Wish me luck! I'll be tracking progress here, I'm sure.


Chantelle said...

Good luck, Cheryl!! I started on my weight loss journey about three months ago after gaining close to 60lbs since getting married in 2009. I keep meaning to blog about it... Am now 30lbs down and feeling much better but still have a way to go... I wasn't even close to my ideal weight when I married! It's tough, and getting tougher but totally worth it. You can do it!! :-)

By the way - I love that you changed the old saying to "healthy", has much more positive connotations!

Cheryl said...

I am joining too for the very same reasons!

flip flop mama said...

Good luck!

becca said...

Getting started is always the hardest part...well, that and the following two weeks, but after that, heck, it's made in heaven easy right? I say wake up early and get #1 to watch the baby for 30 minutes and go for your me know you'll be better for it and with a movie in, they'll never notice you're gone until you get back :)

Amanda D said...

So, how goes your first week, Cheryl? When you get back from California, I'll email or call you so we can discuss. I hope it goes well!