Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Dialogue

Phrases heard around our house lately:

"Peace out, suckers!" from the 2 year old as the older boys run off to play with friends. I blame his brothers.

"I hate chores!!"

"Mom, what can I dooooo!?"

"Mooooom! He hit me!"

"Mom, can we invite over at least 6 friends and start a club? In the backyard? Or the basement?"

"Mom, I'm hungry!!!" from every child --mostly the boys --at least 5 times a day.

"Can we go to the store and buy a laser? Right now??"

"Mom, I'm out of underwear!"

"Mom, I can't find my pocketknife (or headphones or socks or shoes or special rock or pants or blanket or cup or toy or...)!"

From me, the mother, the CEO of this crazy household:

"Get off the table!" "Put your pants back on!" "Stop wetting your pants; if you need to go, stop what you're doing and get to the bathroom!" "If I hear you throw one more thing on the roof, you're grounded!" "Put the book down and finish practicing the piano!" "Share with your brother!" "Don't forget to flush the toilet!" "Flush the toilet!!"

but sometimes, it's stuff like this:

"Mom, can we play on the slip 'n slide in the backyard?"

"Here's a flower, mom."

"Can we go on a hike as a family?"

"Mom, can I practice the piano first?"

"Mom, I already made my bed."

and from me:

"I sure love you crazies!" "Yes, you can make a lemonade stand." "Thank you for being so nice to your brother!" "How did you get to be so cute!?" "Who wants pizza?!"


vinestreet said...

Oh man. The constant instruction-giving and feedback-giving is sooooo exhausting, isn't it? It's good to have some sweetness in between though. Nice post.


Janelle said...

We've got some peace out suckers action going in at our house too.

Chantelle said...

It it weird that I'm looking forward to all this craziness? :-)

sariqd said...

I love it all!!! Some of the funniest conversations with my sibs have been about the crazy things my parents yelled. ;)