Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Tidbits

Candygram poster, shorts, a book, treats, breakfast in bed, and a family outing to see my cousin speak in Sacrament Meeting about his mission to Mexico = Father's Day for Brandon.

So, this summer has gotten pretty lazy. Usually we do school and plan activities for every day of the week. I'm a stickler for chores and piano practice and...well, let's just say that this summer I've given up. I'm going to pretend it was my plan all along, because, well, maybe it was? I mean, I never set a schedule, did I? So, instead, this summer will be full of playing, laziness, and spurts of chore days. And I'm okay with that. I mean, it's not like I had a baby 3 1/2 months ago, or anything.

Speaking of being okay, I said this to Brandon on our hike on Saturday (we went on a hike on Saturday! All 8 of us. Up Rock Canyon --right here in Provo -- for 3 hours):
Me: "I think my problem is that I think about my problems too much."

He agreed.

The weekend wore me out. Friday night we went on a date, watched a movie late into the night, I was up three times with baby, we got up Sat. morning and hiked, we came home and cleaned the whole house, the kids and I went shopping for Father's Day, then Brandon took 3 of the kids fishing for another 3 hours, and we stayed up late waiting for one of our daughters to come home from her "late over" (we don't do sleepovers). Sunday we were up early for Father's Day stuff and then drove to SLC for the cousin thing. After the family luncheon, etc., we came home and crashed. Today, I'm taking the day off. I'll clean like a madwoman tomorrow. Maybe even fold some laundry!

My goal right now is to walk 4 miles every day. Walk them FAST. I've got to do it before July 11th, because I want to walk the 10 miler at Lake Lopez again this year (Brandon's big extended family camp out in California). But hiking up Rock Canyon made me realize that unless I get some walking in, I'll be in no shape to even attempt a mile! I don't have a set time to walk these miles --I just know I have to do them each day. Morning would be best, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm trying to decide if I should listen to talks or podcasts while I walk, or music. Or just get a friend to go with me. Which do you prefer?

The girls have gone off with friends to Seven Peaks today. The younger boys are upset, of course, because they want to go, but the idea of taking six kids to Seven Peaks by myself? Umm, no thank you. Especially since 3 of them can't swim. Well, swim ALONE. How many arms do they think I have?! And out of the youngest four are the three that can't swim. So even if I took the youngest four --you can do the math.

I've been thinking about families and how they have particular activities they do that kind of define them as a family. Brandon's aunt and uncle and their kids are bikers (road bikes, mountain bikes). I know a family that skiis (water and snow). There are families that hunt, travel, play sports, do theater, etc. I've been wondering --what kind of family are we? What do we do? I'm leaning towards hiking. We're not necessarily great at it, but we love it. And we seem to do it a lot.

What do you do? As a family? What kind of family are you?

For fun! Pictures of the hike:


Becca said...

I listen to General Conference when I run. I figure on a 6 mile run I can listen to almost an entire session of talks from General Conference.

I started out walking a few miles a day after I had my 1st, and now I am a racing machine ;) (j/k - I'm SO out of shape) but slow and steady wins the race!! Go for it!

Amanda D said...

Good luck with the miles! I personally like music or a friend. I can't do books or talks or I go to slow.

Love the pictures! You have such a cute family.