Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fourteen Years Ago I Went On A Date

I'm feeling all nostalgic and such lately, and so I thought I would share with you, again, the story of a date. A first date, nonetheless, and not just any first date, but the first date I had with my Brandon/husband/father of my children/eternal companion. I wrote about it three years ago, so I pretty much copied and pasted it below. It was on June 10th, 1998, and I know today is the 12th, and it might have been cooler to have posted it on the anniversary, but oh, well. Still fun to share! Plus, I think it's good to remember why we fell in love with our spouses, you know?
Brandon asked me, on a Sunday afternoon, if I would go out with him on a Wednesday afternoon. I had been waiting on pins and needles for at least 4 or 5 days for him to ask me out. Back then, four days was torture! I was thrilled when he finally did.

[Sidebar: how did he ask me out, you ask? Well, that's a fun story, too. I was sitting in my place of work, talking to two other co-workers (they were visiting me from another housing area and weren't working). One of them had a question only Brandon could answer, and I knew he was in his dorm working in his place of work (the dorm office) and so I called him. We chatted and then there was some harmless flirting going on between me and my co-workers (both were male) and one said something about me being beautiful. Here's the conversation thereafter:
Me: So-and-so just said I'm beautiful.
Brandon (on the phone): Well, you are beautiful.
Me: (blushing profusely, hesitating) Well, then... when are you going to ask me out?
Brandon: (stammering) Well, uh, I... well, I was planning on it!
Me: Before September?
Brandon: Yes!
Me: Okay. Good!

And I can't even remember how he asked me out. Just that it was four days later. Huh. I guess this was more me letting him know I'd say yes. That's funny!]

Well, Brandon didn't have a car. He had been home from his mission for exactly 3 whole months (and a week) and was working and living on campus at BYU. Like me. (Except I didn't serve a mission, I meant the working and living on campus part, capische?) I remember I wasn't sure what we were going to do, what with the lack of car and all, but he came and got me and we walked onto the main part of campus. It was a gorgeous day (I remember the sun), and I had gorgeous hair (I remember the curling iron). I have no idea what we talked about on the way there, but I remember feeling more comfortable than nervous, which was odd, considering how giddy and silly I was around boys I liked. And boy-oh-boy! I liked Brandon. A lot.

He guided me to the Museum of Art, and when we walked inside, I realized we were eating at the Museum Cafe. What a great idea for one without a car, but wanting to make a good impression! We got great seats by the window, and I remember some of our conversation:
*He was floored that I was only 19 years old. He didn't realize how young I was when we had met. Actually, I think it was the fact that I had graduated from high school in 1997. His sister was a year younger than me, but had graduated the same year as me --I think he was afraid I was an 18 year old, at first.
*We talked about school and where we were from.
That's it. That's all I can remember. Time has done a number on my brain, and so have my children. But I do remember feeling a tad self-conscious as I ate my salad (did I have salad? I think I did!), but being perfectly at ease with the conversation. He was really easy to talk to and I loved that.

After we ate, we walked around all the free parts of the museum looking at the gorgeous art. My cousin worked as a security guard in the museum at the time, so she got to meet Brandon that very first day! She approved of him, too.

It's funny, but Brandon told me later that he was immediately taken in by me because I "played the game right" during that date. I asked him what he meant, and he told me that I was good at banter, yes, but I was also very good at the touching. The touching? Yes, the touching --I knew when to touch his arm, or lean into his shoulder with my shoulder to push him away, i.e. playful, teasing, sensual tension (but in a very prudish way! Don't you be getting any ideers, there, mister!). You know what I mean, right? Well, I hadn't realized I was doing it at the time (he was doing it, too!), but I'm glad it worked.

When we were done looking at art (where Brandon impressed me, (again!) with his cultural and art-loving knowledge. I mean, the man had a full ride scholarship to BYU, he served a faithful mission, he liked kids, he played classical piano, he was witty and funny, AND he liked art!? Sign me up!), he took me to the BYU Creamery inside the Wilk (for those who don't know "Wilk", it's the Wilkinson Student Center). This is where I was ambushed. Ambushed, I tell you!

Every Wednesday during that Spring/Summer terms (1998), BYU students (and friends) that had lived in Thousand Oaks, CA (or had gone to T.O. high school) met to eat ice cream. I was totally set up to meet his friends. On the first date! Oh, sure, it was just to "get some ice cream", but later, I found out that he had planned it all too well. Four days after our date, he got together with the same friends, sans me, and then proceeded to seek their approval of Yours Truly. I didn't find this out for a couple of weeks, and so I thought it odd he would do that on a first date.

Obviously, it didn't bother me. Oh, and the friends approved. If you were wondering. :)
Tell me about your first date with your spouse! Or tell me about one of your BEST first dates. Or worst. Whatever floats your boat!


sariqd said...

I refrained from telling my first date with my hubby because I think I jabber too much! And if I just tell it in a nutshell, (i.e. He took me to the temple to do a session. Then a couple of days later we went on a double-date, held hands and kissed for the first time.) it's boring. I should write about it on my blog - y'all know I like to ramble! lol!

mt said...

(This is MotWB again..still logged on under my mom's account)

Worst first date: I got sick 5 minutes after sitting down at the restaurant...spent the next 30 in the bathroom...he ended up taking me home. He never called again. :(

I can look back and laugh now!

Mary said...