Sunday, May 06, 2012

Stuffy Stuff Stuff

Not too long ago an acquaintance had heard from a closer acquaintance that the baby (#6) and I had "almost died" in childbirth.
Hmmm. That was news to me.
Let me put all rumors to rest: I'm not sure how you, dear reader, read into my birth story, but neither one of us "amost died." We were, perhaps, in danger of "being transported to the hospital," but only for a few minutes. And then we were fine. Yes, I believe it was because of the amazing competence of my midwives and the Priesthood blessings we received. But even if we ended up "being transported to the hospital," we would not have DIED. We weren't even close. I'm kind of frustrated about the whole situation because I have advocated for homebirth for so long and now the rumors are spreading that I almost died? And I gave birth at home?
How convenient for the anti-home-birthers and/or those people who thought I was insane for giving birth at home.
It's really frustrating.
How do you keep a spirit of love and/or cooperation and/or respect in your home? I'm drowning here. And yes, we pray together every day (twice, not counting meals) and we read the scriptures as a family (each school day morning) and we have FHE and we go to church and, and, and... What am I missing? Besides my own inability to control my frustrations?
Fun things:
My mom retiring this month after 34 years of teaching 2nd grade, #6 smiling his gorgeous gummy smiles at me, #2 getting into CAS (Center for Accelerated Studies) and deciding to go, an upcoming camping trip with friends, the soccer season ENDING! (We had 8 games and 5 practices each week. Add in piano lessons and activity days and WHAM! S.T.R.E.S.S.), and beautiful spring weather.
I should have told you about this when the voting was going on, but I made it to MMM's Vote for the Quote finals! Here is the post that showed me as a finalist. Here's the post that showed me getting second place. Now you may congratulate me for being witty. Or something like that.


Amanda D said...

I never got the impression that you almost died. Or that the baby almost died. Some people just like to sensationalize stuff.

That second part -- I'm still trying to figure out. Do you try playing calming music quietly? How about rewarding good behavior randomly with a quarter? Sometimes, if one of the kids is being snarky, I take a deep breath and ask them to try again respectfully. Although, sometimes I kick them outside too. Good luck!

I am always relieved at the end of the soccer season too. And our soccer season just started. Luckily, spring season is short here.

Congrats, my extra-witty friend on taking second place! ;)

FluffyChicky said...

I never got the impression that you and the baby almost died either...some scary moments? Yes...but not knocking on Death's door. Now, would I have had a home birth? Nope. Not unless I had no choice. But that doesn't make your decision wrong. Do I think it was risky? Yes. But birth is a risky business anyway. You did what you knew was right for YOU and everybody else should focus on their lives, not yours.

Yahoo for camping trips!

And you are making me glad that my kids don't play soccer. 8 games and 5 practices is a total overload! :)

Cheryl said...

5 practices a week???? Holy overload Batman!

Never thought you almost died ever. Some rumor got started and got blown out of proportion...people need to follow Pres. Uchtdorf and just STOP IT.