Thursday, April 05, 2012

Notes to Self

*Stop using Nair hair removal cream to get rid of your mustache (yes, I have one, most women do, don't judge), because it will leave an unsightly rash that makes the mustache look like the better choice.

*Don't drive to SLC to take care of birth certificate stuff before checking to see if Provo has the same office. The humiliation of idiocy you are now feeling is only surpassed by your frustration of not even being able to finish the birth certificate stuff in SLC because apparently, you don't read directions carefully enough.

*Do not assume baby is done spitting up. Ever. Or else your 9 year old daughter will be crying because the baby spit up all over her soccer shorts while you are cleaning up the spit up in his car seat, and even though you will be laughing, she won't be, and there will just be spit up EVERY. WHERE.

*Stop assuming the 5 year old won't wet the bed anymore. Three nights in an row should have given you a hint.

*Don't let go of this new-found feeling of laughter/joy/shrugging-it-off when the above things happen. Embrace that feeling. Because it has made all of this so much easier. Even somewhat fun. Comedic, even!

*You can do hard things. You do them every day!

*You only have 99 miles to go in the 100 miles challenge! Whoo-hoo!!

*Your baby is super cute. The end.


Suki said...

Love this, Cheryl! Thank you for sharing.

And btw, 15 minutes of intense housework (if you work up a sweat) is a mile!! Whoo-hoo.

swedemom said...

You know, for me at least, having a super cute baby made up for a lot of the hard stuff. Those smiles and snuggles are heavenly.

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

Love it. It's all about attitude, eh? Mothering is not for wimps.

Also ... we need to chat. You need to tell me how to survive the next 2 years, because Nate got in :)

My Little said...

What a frustrating time that could have been. What a great attitude you have taken on. Love it!

Cheryl said...

Rachel, that's fantastic! Congrats!!

Amanda D said...

I have decided that I need to only Nair in the evening before bed. And having a washcloth that has been soaked with lukewarm water to hold over my lip for while helps a ton. By morning, I am hair and red mark free. Totally beats waxing.

I don't envy you the spitting up. Natalie was our spit up baby. And then one day, she stopped. Just like that. I don't know what triggered it. I just know that I am thankful for Zout because with it, her clothes never stained.

Stephanie said...

I feel you pain on the spit. And your daughters. At least it's breast milk spit - so it doesn't smell as awful.