Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Three Weeks. Wait. Only Three Weeks!?

Three weeks.

Throughout the next three weeks, we need to celebrate two birthdays (#4 turns five and #2 turns nine). Within three weeks we will also celebrate Valentine's Day and get #1 to the district science fair. Didn't I tell you? I can't remember. She made it to district! Here's her photo of the Elementary school science fair:

Three weeks from tomorrow is my "due" date. Chances are very high that I will have this baby by then --or at least before March! That means we have three weeks to finish the house.

Girl's room, done.
Baby/toddler room, done.
Office, almost done --just need to go through all files/papers/books
Master bedroom --needs to be cleaned out, sorted, and deep cleaned
Laundry room, done
Boy's room --ready to be painted!
Family room/play room --cleaned and sorted (again. And again. And again. It may not get done before baby; I'm okay with that!)

We're close. Very close!

I made new chore charts for the kids. It had to be done. I've realized that the even when the chores don't change much, the motivation/rewards/systems need to.

I like Mitt Romney. I always have. I still like him and I've followed every debate and televised caucus this year. I like him because of his values, his determination, his politics, his tendency to be moderate rather than ultra-conservative. I like his wife. I like his track record and I like his honesty. I like how he has been attacking Obama instead of his colleagues this entire time, only until Newt's psychotic allegations caused him to finally fight back. I like his speech writers. I like his plans and his ideas for our economic problems. I like his stances on states' rights.

I just like him. I think he'd be a really good president. I think he would actually do really great things for this country. I do.

Thanks to my hubby for finding it on Netflix instant streaming, I have FINALLY started watching "Downton Abbey." Finally! I have to admit I'm loving it, and I want to punch that Thomas right in the face. Jerk! And I really like Matthew. A lot. And I feel sorry for Edith. But I'm only 4 episodes into it, so don't give anything away!

I need a pedicure. And a massage. Maybe an entire day at some spa. I need it, but it ain't gonna happen! Sigh, sigh.

I have a head cold; it's getting better, but right now I can feel the effects wearing on me --I need to nap. Now? Later? After the laundry's done? While the toddler naps? I could do it now while the boys watch Avatar, the Last Airbender (random episodes).

I recently read this blog. It's so very, very sad. Four months ago, their son died, and last week, her husband died. Go read about their family. Make sure you have tissues! Especially if you're hormonal like I was/am.


SewSara said...

Cheryl, I read that blog, too, and was so sad for her. Wow wow wow. Count your blessings huh?

Good luck with the next 3 weeks! Who knows,, you could have just a week til baby :)

nweames said...

Okay e-mail me what your daughter did for Science Fair. We have 3 that we have to do and I am looking for ideas and ice cream seems like a good one.


Good luck on the next few weeks.

FluffyChicky said...

When you are feeling like you want to go into labor, let me know and we will go to lunch at Olive Garden...that should trigger it. It did for me last spring after all. :)

flip flop mama said...

Downton Abbey keeps getting better! Three weeks and you'll be up at 3am like I was reading blogs.

Cheryl said...

Fluffy, I will CERTAINLY take you up on that! :) :)

FluffyChicky said...

Hey - The Husband and I went to eat at Olive Garden you feel any contractions starting yet? ;)

Cheryl said...

Dude! It doesn't work if I don't eat there WITH you. Tell The Husband thanks for trying to be me. ;)