Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've Become My Parents

I'm here to confess that my parents always knew what they were talking about. I say this because now I --me, myself --always know what I'm talking about and my children never believe me.

It's an interesting circle of life thing, eh? Other things I've learned since becoming my parents:

*Time goes much faster as you get older. Much, much faster. I remember thinking, "Whoah! It's almost the end of 1999! That's caaaraaaazzzyy!" And now it's 2012. If you didn't already know. 2012!? Shouldn't we have hover boards by now?

*Clean houses are happier houses. They just are. Clutter and dirt and disgusting-ness do not a happy family make, no matter the justification.

*Most things really are NOT that big of a deal. But they are to my kids. And will be to my teenagers. And I will need to learn to be quiet and listen and pray I don't mess up their development by overlooking or patronizing their tender (ahem, HORMONAL) feelings.

*The children will not clean without coercion, reward, or threatenings. They won't. No matter how much they want to be good, the cleaning, picking up, maintaining, brushing teeth, bathing regularly, etc. will not happen on it's own. It really IS my job to remind and nag and make chore charts and convince, etc.

*Sleep is for suckers and for childless people. Parents just don't get sleep. And if you ever get sick (and the spouse is working or is out of town), don't expect much sympathy from whiny toddlers and preschoolers and elementary schoolers and...oh, yeah. That's all my kids.

*Laundry, when neglected, does not go away. It simply gets worse. Much like garbage or diaper pails. Or dishes.

*When mother is unhappy or rude or yelling, the children and hubby will be unhappy or rude or yelling.

*If left to their own devices, children will, indeed, turn into a crazy re-creation of Lord of the Flies (but without the murder --so far). Thus, the constant supervision and manners instruction.

*John was right. When my kids learn a gospel principle and then apply it to their lives and then live it and really understand it, I feel like John did. The joy is overwhelming!

What have you learned as you've become your parents? Or have become parents? What were your parents right about?


Judi said...

I use to think..."my parents say the darndest things"...well guess, what...now i say the darndest things.
In some respects I hope to be just like my parents, and in other things I really hope not.
You have great kids...
We all pray every day to not screw our kids up. That is part of being a parent.

Misty Lynne said...

My mom kept telling me "consistency is king". And it's so true at our house. The more consistent and routine based we are, the happier we are. Everyone knows what to expect, the house stays cleaner, there is less whining, everyone gets better sleep, things actually get done, and the list goes on. Mixing things up on occasion is perfectly fine and healthy, but it's always a relief to go back to the routine.

Oh, and everything should have a place. If not, it will never be put away.

Stephanie said...

My dad used to tell us to stop crying of he'd give us something to bawl about. I found myself saying that to my preschoolers the other day. Just imagine what I might say to a hormonal teenager!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Matt and I have that Lord of the Flies discussion often.

And I agree about John and joy and such. :)