Friday, February 24, 2012


Things I seem to be overly passionate about right now:

*Having this baby. But that one is a no-brainer.

*Public nursing (and how it's a GOOD thing).

*Fighting against p*rnography and standing up for virtue.

*Teaching our children about purity, virtue, chastity, and how to avoid p*rn. Because let's face it, it is not a matter of IF they will encounter p*rn, it's WHEN.

Interesting story about that: I had talked with my 7 year old son about modesty and how to look away from images that would encourage immodesty or inappropriate sexuality (it's hard to explain how I talked with him about this without explaining it in 7-year old lingo, but just trust me, he knew what I meant and I wasn't patronizing or "over his head.") A little while later, we were in Walmart in the check out line and I looked over and saw he was turning magazines around or covering them with other magazines. He looked at me for my reaction and I just smiled. Did it help that he's seen me do it myself many times? Probably. I turn those magazines around for my daughters, too. The last thing they need is an unrealistic message that women's worth is defined by fake naked "beauty" by fake naked women. And my kids need to see that DOING something to fight against it is better than just "looking the other way" (although sometimes that is all we can do, depending on the situation).

Some may say I'm a prude. Or unrealistic. Frankly, I don't care. The average age of p*rn addiction begins by age 11. ELEVEN YEARS OLD. That's pretty young to have a life-long addiction that can rob the mind of control and drive away the Holy Ghost, not to mention the future damage it can do to any human relationship the addict may try to have. My son is almost 8. That doesn't give me a lot of time to teach him the principles of standing in Holy Places and refusing to indulge in filth. If arming my children with virtue and integrity against this evil filth is prudish, than HUZZAH! I'm a prude through and through. I'm "unrealistic." And I'm PROUD OF IT.

Part of that also means we have been having a lot of conversations about being honest with each other --I tell my kids that they can talk to me about anything without shame. I want their relationship with their parents to be safe ground. I want them to know that mistakes can be rectified and we are here to help them.

*Trying not to be disappointed or depressed that the baby still hasn't come. Which seems redundant, eh?

*Getting more sleep. Which isn't happening. Which could be why the baby isn't coming, yet.

What are you overly passionate about right now?


My Little said...

Great thought! It is funny, your passions seem to be mine, just not quite as strong, YET!

But I love the idea of turning around the magazines. I think I shall adopt that idea.

Cheryl said...

I also am passionate about fighting against p*rn! I too turn the magazines around and have asked managers about putting covers over them. They will but it only lasts a month or so. I live in the p*rn capital and so I feel extra passionate about teaching my boys (and girl) about it. We talk VERY openly about it. We have already encountered it with my two oldest boys (12 and 10) at friends homes (LDS friends mind you) on the computer. I was so proud of them they walked away and called me to come get them. I wish I could find an organization that was legitimate to help in the effort. It has affected family members and close friends and it is the scourge of our society!

Becca said...

There is a documentary being made about p*rn and addiction and recovery called "Shamed" look it up - it is a great idea.

I am going to adopt the turn magazine over, too. I try to keep my kids from looking at it by distracting them, but sometimes it doesn't work. However, I have to say I was kind of proud when my almost three year old little girl pointed at the belly of a swimsuit model and said, "She is showing her belly. That's not modest!" I figure that's a good start, right?

Totally flipping over magazines.

Go, mama lions!!