Friday, January 20, 2012

I Adore My Book Club!

I know I've talked about my book club before, but last night we met for the month, and so they are on my mind. Forgive me as I explain the awesomeness of my awesome Book Club!

I am not the youngest; I'm the second youngest. But the youngest doesn't come much anymore, unfortunately. Our oldest member is 86. The average age is about 50. Or 55. Maybe 60?

How is it possible to feel so comfortable with women so much older and wiser than me? Only four of us (out of the 15 or so) do not have grandchildren. And yet, I feel happier at Book Club than almost anywhere.

We read amazing literature from non-fiction to fantasy, historical fiction to romance. We've read young adult Newberry winners, books about reading, and Pulitzer prize winners. We've read LDS fiction and Presidential biographies. We've read everything from Bram Stoker's Dracula to Gaskell's Cranford. How can one not love a group who enjoy such diverse reading? Last month we read "Deconstructing Penguins" by the Goldstones, and this month we're reading "Life As We Knew It" by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

When we discuss the books, we actually DISCUSS. We don't always agree. But we have such enlightening conversations and learn so much from each other.

I feel validated when I am with them. They don't treat me inferior because of my inexperience. They value my opinions (and love to watch my family grow over the years). I've noticed that I have taught them as much as they have taught me! If anything, it has given me such appreciation for all the women in my neighborhood and ward. Every one of them has such amazing stories to tell and life experiences to bring to the discussions we have.

I've been in this Book Club for nearly 7 years (not counting the year I was in California with ANOTHER amazing book club), but they've been meeting together since 1986! I think. 1985? Maybe?

I rarely miss a meeting. VERY rarely. My hope? I won't go into labor before next month's meeting! Crossing my fingers now. :)

Are you a part of a Book Club? Do you like it? How many Book Clubs have you belonged to? What kinds of books do you read?


Cheryl said...

I love our book club! We are trying out meeting during the day with kids as evening are so crazy as most of us have young children and many of us are getting into very busy teen years. We read a wide variety too and have some "book snobs" who pass on the more contemporary books. We are mostly around the same age, but have diversities of interests and backgrounds. it's one of my favorite things in life because it feeds my brain and I have amazing women to share ideas with!

Julie said...

I love book clubs in theory, but I hate to be told what to read or when to read it. I know it's silly, but the pressure is what keeps me away!

dedesmith32 said...

I have been a part of some amazing book clubs - but I am currently not in one. I have not found one in my location - in Orem - to join. So if you have any suggestions - I'd love to join one again!

Corine said...

I have been wanting to participate in a local book club, and this post has got me thinking I need to make a greater effort to be a part of it! :) Thanks!
Corine :D

Amanda D said...

I feel the same way! I'm the youngest, but we're not quite that big in numbers. Love it!