Friday, December 23, 2011

Not A Christmas Post. Sort Of.

I should be writing about Christmas. Because it's Christmas Eve Eve, right? But instead, I will bring you the random thoughts of Cheryl. Because they are fun. For me.

While I was in the shower this morning, I was thinking about my big belly (which isn't hard to do when you have a very large belly with a large baby inside of it) and I remembered a conversation I had with some ward friends a couple weeks ago. We were discussing the "pooch." The "dough-bag" the "protruding stomach under the belly-button that all women seem to have and seem to loathe." Since I am so wise and old (hahaha!) I spoke to these young mothers with the wisdom that is mine (basically, just that I'm having my 6th kid, most of them have 2 --we're probably all close in age. So, whatever). I said this (more or less):

"Well, we all have a uterus, right? That's an extra organ that men don't have. And whether or not that uterus works right, it's intended purpose was to EXPAND. To get bigger. To allow another human being to grow inside of us. Women aren't supposed to just be curvy this way (implying our hips), but we are also supposed to be curvy this way (implying the rear and the pooch). Unfortunately, we're told by society that women aren't supposed to look normal. We're supposed to hate our bellies --and honestly, how many of us actually get to the point where our bellies are flat? And if we do, at what cost? And does it last? I'm so over it. I'm also tired of hearing women who complain about their pooches as if they are ruined or wrecked or not beautiful because they have one. AHEM --we are women. We were BORN with them."

Okay, so I didn't explain it in that depth --but you get the gist.

Newsflash women: How many women do you know who have the flattest stomachs? Now, ask yourself, did they give birth? If they did, are they crazy about diet and exercise or have great genes? I can only think of three women I know (out of a thousand) who look like this who have given birth and are not crazy about their diet/exercise. They are rare. If you have a pooch, just deal with it. Stop complaining about it. You were born with it. It probably gave you babies. STOP allowing the media and society to dictate what is "normal beauty." Because their version of it is so messed up and comes from the plots of satan.


Other thought:
How many of you answer this:
"I just want a clean house and happy kids! Honest!"
When asked this:
"Mom, what do you want for Christmas/your birthday/your anniversary/Mother's Day/Easter/Fourth of July/Labor Day?" (okay, just kidding, it's mostly for when people actually give gifts).

And how many of you NEVER get this gift? Never? Ever, ever, ever?

Me, neither.

Sure, the kids are young, but I have a feeling it has more to do with their NOT BELIEVING me when I say this to them. They just can't fathom something like that as a gift. They think it's crazy! I must be joking! Why would she want a clean house and happy kids!?

But I sure want it. Every holiday.


I'm 31 weeks today. 9 to go! So much to do. So much kicking against my ribs. So excited!


It hasn't snowed. At all! Yes, we've had an occasional dusting, but that's just not the same. What surprises me is that I should be happy about no snow! Excited! Thrilled! I hate snow! I hate the cold!
So, why am I sad?
I decided I like snow enough to have it for Christmas. Besides, there really is something magical about that first big snow --waking up to a blanket of white. It's beautiful.

We were supposed to wake up to a ton of snow yesterday, but, of course, the meteorologists were wrong (surprise, surprise). Luckily, though, the dusting we DID get was enough to get rid of the nasty inversion that had settled upon the valleys for the last few weeks. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I hate the winter inversions. So gross! Terrible for my asthma, too. So, I'm glad it's gone and we have clear skies. I just wish we could have snow for Christmas.


Tonight we are doing the craziest thing: We are going to Temple Square to see the lights. On the Friday night before Christmas. However! We will be there BEFORE they turn them on and we will leave when the crowds get too heavy. It's also a surprise for the kids; this is the first night we've had available with Brandon's schedule. So, to the chaos we will go! And it will be FUN! And we will love it!


Middle-aged Mormon Man wrote this post recently on his favorite Christmas paintings. He asked us to share ours in return, and this was my reply (I've included a photo of the painting for your viewing pleasure):

I love Joseph Brickey's "Journey to Bethlehem."

Joseph is focused on his task: keep Mary safe. Get to Bethlehem before the baby comes. Lead the donkey. (I need to add here that I find it endearing. I love Joseph. He was such a humble, amazing, reliable man of God.)

Mary, holding her womb protectively sees a shepherd boy- they stare at each other quietly. I imagine she was seeing her son in his face -- the Shepherd of us all. She's doing what she did best, which is quiet contemplation.

The boy is shyly looking at them, trying not to rudely stare, but how could he not feel the Spirit residing inside of such a young and beautiful girl?

As a mother, and especially as a woman 9 weeks from giving birth to another son, this painting just overwhelms me. There is a copy hanging in our Relief Society room and I love looking at it all year long...

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Cheryl said...

My favorite is Liz Lemon Swindle's "And she shall bring forth a son". My Mom gave it to me for Christmas when I was pregnant with my 3rd son and I love the tenderness in Mary and they way the depict the baby Jesus.

I'm with you on the female body. We should appreciate our body for giving us the babies it did and not hate it for the flaws it has.