Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Day is Today? Thursday? It Feels Like Tuesday.

Is a really forgetful pregnant brain a sign that one could eventually have early (or late, I guess) on-set Alzheimer's or Dementia? Because I'm fearful it could happen! I forget the simplest things --I forget what I've said or written to people, I forget why I walked into a room, I forget plans, I forget deadlines. I usually have to be reminded about the simplest appointment (I've been reminded about #3's parent-teacher conference thing this afternoon a million times, but right now? I have no idea what time it starts!).

I asked Brandon: "Have I gotten worse? I don't think I've ever been this forgetful while pregnant."

His answer: "You've always been this bad while pregnant. You just don't remember."

Ha, ha.

It definitely gives me compassion for those people who forget things easily (or those with Dementia or Alzheimer's), though. I understand better that it's not their fault --and the frustration the forgetful person feels has gotta be awful.


I visited with my girls' teachers during their parent-teacher conference thing (it's called SEP's) and I heard a few things: My girls are very, very advanced, work really hard in class, are leaders, and their teachers love them. That didn't surprise me, though. The part I appreciated the most, however, was that their teachers are going out of their ways to make sure my girls don't get bored -- and that they thrive. For example, #1 has a goal now to come up with 50 journal prompts for her whole class. #2 has joined the top-tier reading book club. #1 has been asked by her math teacher to join a district math olympiad, has to finish writing her chapter book, is reading 24 books before April (which is a contest the 6th graders do --she's in 5th, but she wants to "practice" for next year), and is part of the CAS (center for accelerated studies) district science days. #2 has a goal to read nearly 50 books within the next month or so, was tested by CAS (and it's believed she passed, according to her teacher), and so we'll have another decision to make next year (like what we had with #1): Send her to CAS? Or keep her where she is?

I'm grateful they are doing so well! I'm grateful their teachers recognize it and challenge them.

Which brings me to #3. He's not quite on the same level; we're happy when he lands in the average category. But it doesn't matter to us. We want the best for him with the talents and abilities HE has --we don't compare him to his older sisters. We also try really hard not to praise the girls too high for their advancements in front of him; not necessarily because we don't want him to aspire for more, but because we try to place an emphasis on:
1. Doing our best (homework and practicing are non-negotiable), whether or not it means 100%
2. Being kind to people (behaving in school; being polite; serving others)
3. Honesty

Of course, we want our boys to thrive and learn and be the best they can, too --it's just that our love isn't contingent upon advancement. If anything, I have to remember to give my girls the same attention homework-wise as I do #3 --I tend to adopt the other extreme and have to remind myself to actually praise the girls for rocking it!


Other randomness in my life:

*Brandon's in New Orleans right now on business. I'm jealous. And I miss him.

*We're going to be in B-town for Thanksgiving (not sure how long right now --at least Wed through Sat, though). We weren't going to travel for holidays this year because of finances, but when we realized how cheap it is to go to my parent's house, we decided it was worth it!

*My kids are obsessed with all the old Power Ranger shows (thank you, Netflix?). Sigh... the campy acting drives me crazy! But at least it teaches good morals. And the fighting is very "fisticuffs."

*I'm glad it hasn't snowed, yet.

*Newsies is going to be on Broadway!


Becca said...

Fun stuff! I liked the point you made about praising the right stuff in your girls (praising them for hard work instead of the actual advanced work). I think someone talked about that at General Conference in April? Anyway, I have to remind myself to give the right kind of praise to my kids - it's hard to come up with ways to praise them for doing something I just think is "smart" and finding what they actually DID that made it smart... does that make sense? Like when my 4 year old writes his letters, or draws something well, instead of saying something like "Wow, you are a great artist!" I try to say things like "Wow, you paid good attention to what that looked like and you worked carefully to make it look the same!" (doesn't the second one just SOUND harder to come up with?! It totally is!) But I think it will be worth it in the end, because instead of putting pressure on my kids to "be" a certain thing (a good artist, a good ___ ) I am encouraging them to "do" good things (pay attention, be careful, work hard, etc)

I loved Power Rangers when I was a kid... but now I look back and say "What was I thinking?!"

Cheryl said...

My oldest two totally excel in school, they love it and it comes easily to them. My 3rd boy, not so much. He is repeating kindergarten (due to my insistence) and is doing well, but reading is not coming to him. He says he's DUMB because he is a perfectionist and can't read like his brothers (he is 4 years younger than they are). So we are focusing on his strengths which are athletics, his memory is a steel trap for facts about science, numbers and animals. We are trying to instill in him that we aren't all good at the same things, but he has talents and strengths others don't have. It is such a challenge with multiple children because even though we try really hard not to compare, they inevitable pick up on their siblings strengths and begin to compare themselves!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I just have to say thanks for mentioning your compassion for us forgetful is rough when my brain betrays me. I appreciate the patience of others. :)

Stephanie said...

Last spring, when I was pregnant but nobody knew, I had a total brain shutdown while I as doing sharing time in primary. I couldn't remember a single child's name. I couldn't even remember the Primary President's name, first OR last, and she's a good friend of mine. I think the forgetful thing gets worse with each pregnancy!!!