Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I'm Just as Excited for Vent Cleaning as I am for Christmas. Is That Weird?

Good news:

My sister and her family bought a house in Utah Valley! Huzzah! Now she is 20 minutes closer to me. Which means it's only 15-20 minutes to her house. Instead of 40. If you can't do math. Like me.

KBYU is showing the Anne of Green Gables series every Sunday this month! [You would think I'd already have those movies, right? Well, I don't. It's just shameful.]

We're finally getting all the vents cleaned tomorrow! I think it will help my asthma.

Pregnancy is keeping me warmer as the weather turns colder.

I had a great lunch with a blogging buddy at Kneader's yesterday --so fun, not nearly long enough, and always crazy when the kids are there, too!

I remembered to vote in a city council election. Go me!

Not so good news:

This morning at 4AM, #5 puked all over himself and his bed. And so the stomach bug begins. Luckily for us, only 3 of our children throw up, and Brandon and I have very strong stomachs as well. That means four of us won't be puking. With stomach bugs, this is an awesome family phenomenon I have learned to appreciate. Vastly.

But I don't know yet how long this bug lasts. I'm also not sure how long it will take to cycle through the family. One kid may seem fine, but in a few hours, the bathroom trips begin. It also makes it hard to know what activities to allow and what activities not to allow.

I had planned on cleaning like a madwoman today to prep for the vent-cleaning guys, but since I got almost no sleep last night, and all the puking I'm cleaning up, I'm pretty sure it won't be happening as thoroughly as it should. But I shall try! If I can force my lazy bum to get off the computer long enough...

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Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

It was great to see you,too. I felt bad because we only got through the venting and just barely got into the recovery/more uplifting stage, but we'll catch up more next time. :)