Friday, October 14, 2011

Lots of Sighing Today

Crying, typing rude responses to well-meaning friends on FB, reading novels and assuming my life isn't as good --welcome to hormone city, dear reader!


New subject. We had book club the other night --our new book for the month is "The Princess Bride." How fun is that? I haven't read it since high school, but I adored it back then. William Goldman is truly a genius of a man. Did you know he won Oscars for his screenplays "All the President's Men" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" ?? Anyway, for those who haven't read "The Princess Bride" and have only seen the movie, you have to understand something --William Goldman wrote it with the farce that he was abridging it for someone who wrote the original story and truly convinces the reader that Florin and Guilder are real places.

This confused the heck out of most of my book club buddies.

They're just not used to such elaborate literary tongue-in-cheek jokes, dear reader. I'm not sure if it's their lack of experience in the sarcastic arts or if it's their ages (I'm one of the youngest --only two of us are in our 30's, one in our 40's, several in their late 50's and 60's, and one is 87!), although this book was written in the 1970's, but still --they just didn't get it. I tried to be really kind about it (I didn't even pick the book), but I still don't think they are understanding it, because we all received an email from one asking if we were supposed to find the "real, complete work by Morgenstern." I wrote back quickly to kindly tell her about the joke and I laughed and laughed. I really can't blame her --how are people supposed to know?? The only reason I know is because A. I read it in high school and we analyzed it to death and B. I'm just into that kind of satire.

I wonder if people think Jon Stewart is just an incompetent news reporter. Hmmm....


*I was very productive last week, but this week, I've done pretty much nothing. And Brandon and I are leaving today for a few days --we won a Marriage Retreat at Aspen Grove Family Camp at our Aspen Grove reunion in August! Huzzah! I hope the babysitter doesn't think I'm TOTALLY useless as a mother/housewife.

*I bought that old LDS "Pride and Prejudice" movie (I guess it's not THAT old --2003) because I loaned out my copy years ago and haven't seen it since. I love that movie and version. Why? I really am not sure. I just do. It's a guilty pleasure.

*I have two children who lie. A lot. A lot, lot. In fact, it freaks me out. A LOT. One of them tends to be worse than the other, and so we came up with a way to try to establish a habit of honesty --every time this child tells the truth, they get to move forward one step (think of a chart). But every time this child lies (steals, is dishonest in any way), they have to move back TWO steps. Once they get to 50 steps, we have a reward. Right now? As of last night? This child is at negative 4. Sigh. I tried to explain how lying will destroy lives --how it does destroy lives, and WHY we should be honest, and I truly think it's helping --I can see them trying hard. But then this morning, the OTHER child who tends to lie whipped out their homework from last night to finish quickly --after having told me last night that it was finished. MORE SIGHING.

*Winter is coming. Not that you didn't know, but this particular winter is scaring the crud out of me. I don't do well in the winter. I don't do well in the winter while pregnant, either. I'm glad we have so many holidays to look forward to and to keep us busy. I can't imagine the dreariness without it!

Quotes I need for today:

You can't wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time. ~Pat Schroeder

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~Benjamin Franklin

Faith is courage; it is creative while despair is always destructive. ~David S. Muzzey

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. ~Glenn Turner

We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday's burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it. ~John Newton

Faith can move mountains, but don't be surprised if God hands you a shovel. ~Author Unknown


Curls said...

I've read some fascinating research about childhood lying and it is completely normal for children to experiment with lying. They'll grow out of it. If you want to learn more check out the book Nurture Shock-they devote a whole chapter to childhood lying, very interesting stuff.

blogging and bliss~ said...

Mine are told when they tell the truth they don't get into trouble. It works for the most part and they tend to do better when they learn that. Also I was told that if you know what they have done and ask if they did it they will just lie but if you ask why then they can't lie about it. Something about giving them the opportunity to lie makes them want to.

Cheryl said...

My child who lies has to open up his backpack and show me everything. Last year the teacher sent home a note with what homework he had for the week because he would only do about half. Honesty is a huge deal to me and they lose major privileges and get extra jobs if they lie.

Amber said...

Ooh, I like your quotes. And I have little thieves living in my house, too. In my parenting class, I'm learning that lectures don't really work, but kids overhearing those same messages will pick it up. So, if you can somehow talk to Brandon or a friend about something honest you did or said.... Maybe?

Stealing one quote for Fbook today, "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. ~Glenn Turner Thanks.

Becca said...

I ditto all the advice about lying kids - if you ask a question kids can lie about, then they will probably lie to you (not because they are bad - because like someone said, they are just experimenting with it). I didn't read the whole book, but I enjoyed what I did read of Nurture Shock.