Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever. Whichever.

Julie did a great post on our Girl's Weekend. Go here and see her awesome pictures! Except ignore the dorky ones of me. Well, the one dorky one of me. Whatever.


We're having an ultrasound on the 8th. Yes, we'll find out the gender (we always do; I'm too much of a control freak). Any guesses? Me? I have really felt deeply that it's a girl. Still do. But I felt really deeply that I was having twins. So. Again, Whatever.


#3's report card came in yesterday (just a monthly report). He got 88% on spelling (good for him! Really good!) and 100% on all homework. However, oral presentation was very, very low, as was class work.

Do your kids do better at home than at school? How did you solve it? Should I just talk to his teacher about the class work? I'm betting it's related to his 4S, even though I've already had lengthy discussion with both his teacher and the school facilitator about his 4S. Hmmmm...


#1 has had a shin splint for weeks now. Weeks! Is that normal? Yeah, I know, I should just call her doctor.


List of things I accomplished today because I'm feeling lousy about what I'm currently NOT accomplishing:
*Made four loaves of banana bread
*Went with VT companion to deliver said loaves of bread (we visit three sisters; I gave one loaf to my companion)
*Dropped off/picked up #4 from a preschool field trip
*Cleaned up kitchen. Sort of. A little.
*Changed a poopy diaper
*Got toddler dressed for the day; got myself dressed, too!
*Took a short nap
*Killed some fruit flies
*Made my ultrasound appointment

I think that's it. I won't focus on the stuff I need to do, because it just makes me more tired.


I HEART Enya. I do. I feel no shame in my love of her music (or Celtic Women's, or Loreena McKennitt, or Josh Groban, or Sissel, or other new-agey type stuff, because I'm also in love with Adele, U2, Journey, Blink 182, Garth Brooks, The Killers, Carrie Underwood, Tears for Fears, Green Day, Etta James, and Michael Buble. So, whatever), and I freely admit that I use Enya during labor.

When I was laboring with #5, I listened to four of Enya's songs on a loop (in fact, I used my friend's photography website to provide that loop). The nurses, my mom, and even my husband probably got really annoyed after 8 hours of listening to it, but for me, it was incredibly relaxing. And since I was the one giving birth, they kept quiet. Because they were smart.

Here, for your listening pleasure, are links to all four songs. Enjoy! Unless you're not a fan of Enya. Then you have my permission to not enjoy. Whichever. Sorry they're not embedded. I can't seem to do it on my iPad. Meh. Plus, the videos aren't that awesome (Flora's Secret is pretty good), so just turn it on and listen to the music. Don't watch. Or watch. I'm okay with your personal choice or whatever. I'll stop now...

Silver Inches

Flora's Secret

Only Time

Wild Child

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Julie said...

Wild Child is on my wedding video. I love that song.