Thursday, September 29, 2011

GC, Temple, Confessions

I've never been very good about General Conference with the kiddos. I print off some packets and encourage them to watch --I always watch all four sessions myself. Brandon has been gone most GC weekends because of school, but this year, he's here! Huzzah! Anyway, I decided to plan ahead a little bit better this time, and so, stealing ideas from all sorts of people (thanks to Steph!), here's my plan:

1. Bring in the picnic table(s) (one is small, the other will be half the table. It's one of these). Got idea here.
2. Put together baskets for each kid --will include their packets, own set of crayons/pencils/pens, snacks, water bottle. Got idea here.
3. Make Apostle Snack/Activity packets --got that idea here.

We will still have cinnamon rolls on Sunday (from scratch, whole wheat, vegan), and hang out in our pajamas.

I'm really looking forward to GC. Over the years I've come to love it so very much.

What do you guys do for GC? How do you make it more appealing/meaningful to your kids/spouse/self?


Last night, Brandon and I did something we haven't done for months and months and months and months (honestly, I can't remember the last time we went, which could induce guilt, but I won't dwell on it): We went to the Temple.

We did sealings. For those who may not understand, what I mean is that we stood in as proxies for those who have died; we were sealed for them. We believe that now, those people who were not sealed to their families for all eternity (just for life), are sealed together. We consider it some of the most (if not THE most) sacred work in our religion.

12 1/2 years ago, I was sealed (married) to Brandon in the Idaho Falls Temple. Because of that sealing, all of our children born to us are automatically sealed to us for eternity. Any children we adopt (probably won't --just using it for illustration) could then be sealed to us when the adoption is finalized. Last night, we didn't just do marriage sealings --we did children to parent sealings, too.

The Spirit is so strong in the Temple. Brandon and I looked at each other across the alter as the sealing words were being said --the same words that were said at our own sealing years ago --and it was divine, really. We felt love and peace. Pretty much the main feelings one feels inside a Temple of God.

I think we'll try to get back to the Temple sooner this time. I never regret going, you know?


Confession Time:

*I don't get my children flu shots. I don't get them for myself, either. Years ago, when I used to, we got the flu, anyway. Now that I've done research to see what's in flu shots, my decision feels pretty validated.

*I have lost all control of my family. The mother is supposed to run the home, right? My home is now running itself. And it's not doing a very good job.

*I don't wear make-up much anymore. Most regular days of the week, when I'm just home or going to the store or whatever, I don't bother. I throw on a cute hat and call it good. Church, date night, important events --yeah, I'll make the effort.

*I'm pretty sure this is our last baby. Part of me is sad, but it's a little part. The rest of me (98%?) is thrilled with the idea that this is it. I'm tired. I'm crazy. I'm Depressed. I'm really tired. Mostly tired. Feeling, in my heart, that Heavenly Father is okay with us being done at six is very comforting, too. Because honestly? I wanted to be done at four. Why didn't I? God asked us to have more. And since I acknowledge His Omniscience, I'm cool with it. He knows me better than I know myself --and Brandon's been a great support. In fact, Brandon has usually made it pretty easy to follow what God wants us to do.

*I look younger than I am. I noticed that if you ignore everything below my neck (seriously, don't look), my face is young. I only have a few grey hairs and no wrinkles. Not sure how I feel about it. I'm okay with getting old (honestly, it doesn't bug me), and sometimes I wish I looked like I had six kids. Is that weird? I mean, I get told, ALL THE TIME: "Wow, you are so young to have so many kids!" and I'm not sure how to answer that...accusation? Compliment? I mean, I had my first at 22. I'm almost 33. Is it because I look young? Or because nobody is having kids until 35 now-a-days? Hmmmm.

*I need more sleep.

*I wish I could house-clean bend. Like water-bending, only I could wave my hands around and WHOOSH! The whole house is clean. Like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty!

*#4 is too skinny. He doesn't eat much. It worries me. #1 is "bulky" (not obese), and eats TOO much. This also worries me. But we think we know why her shins are hurting! Growth spurts! Which could explain the eating too much, too.

*When I feel overwhelmed, I give up. If it's not accomplishable (is that a word?) in a short period of time, then I won't even start. Not sure if this is healthy, but it's how I roll.

The End. For Now.


bythelbs said...

I would also like to house-clean bend. Or hire someone else to do it for me. Yes, I am just that lazy.

What's confessional about not getting flu shots? We've never done flu shots. Well, except for that one time, which I guess is pretty much why we don't do them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I left a comment here earlier! What happened? It was incredibly witty and insightful, too.

FoxyJ said...

I don't do much for GC and I know I should, because both my kids talk about how much they dislike it. Blah. I keep meaning to do more, and then stuff comes up that makes it hard to plan. I have to work this Saturday so it's not a great time for conference again.

Both my kids are too skinny and don't eat much. I've tried a lot of things to get them to eat more, and not much works. I have been trying to get them to eat more nutritious, calorie-dense foods (eggs, peanut butter, cheese, full-fat yogurt) and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. They do have tall, skinny genes on both sides of the family so that probably explains some of it.

And, yay for the temple! Every time I go I think "why don't I go more often?" It's a good place to be.

Cheryl said...

Here's your comment from earlier. I don't know where it went; I saw it in my email!

"I would also like to house-clean bend. Or hire someone else to do it for me. Yes, I am just that lazy.

What's confessional about not getting flu shots? We've never done flu shots. Well, except for that one time, which I guess is pretty much why we don't do them. "

Amanda D said...

We don't do flu shots either. Not because I'm against them but because I don't like to get shots and the years that the kids haven't had them they didn't seem any sicker.

I don't wear makeup either. Never have. These days I swipe on some mascara and think about getting soemone to teach me makeup.

Hooray for your temple visit. I love the ideas for conference but I'm feeling like I am too late to get any of that done. Oh, well. There's always next year. :)

Curls said...

I have tried so many times to help my husband have fun at conference. Generally what works best is food. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach is such a true statement.

We always got flu shots growing up because my sister has diabetes and so if she gets the flu she gets VERY sick. And we all only got the flu once the whole time I was growing up. But once I moved out I stopped getting them, it was just too much of a hassle.

Judi said...

Yay for the temple. Gio and I did sealings a while back. It was beautiful. My love for him and the gospel grows everytime I am there with him. Go as often as you can. It is hard with little ones.

Flu shots...we try to get them every year..I didn't get it one year, and ended up with the flu, pneumonia (sp?) and it was terrible. I really wanted to die those two weeks...And Brian gets it because of his asthma (that seems to be getting better) and because there are kids that go to school sick and he ends up with it...Haven't really looked into why I should or shouldn't get it...but with Gio's background he feels like it is best, so we follow is advice and suggestions. it! Saturday's use to be hard for me to watch, but since Robert has been on his mission I have made it a must to sit and watch all four sessions. And it is so worth it...I try to do house cleaning and laundry and cooking befor the weekend, or on Saturday nights while the men are at priesthood... and it is so works wonders with the male species!

I don't "make" Brian watch it on Saturday...not worth the arguing, etc...I want to enjoy it and I do! But Sunday is a must. When he was younger I would do the "packets" thing...didn't work to well, but I tried. This year we are trying something different...Gio is planning it and will unviel it on Sunday, we'll see.

Our family tradition is a big breakfast on Sunday morning. Pancakes, eggs, cinnamon rolls, sausage, toast, juice, milk, etc...and then we munch on the leftovers during the day..that way I don't have to make lunch and can watch the cool programs they have on between sessions... Then we have dinner afterwards...(this year it will be lasagna that I will make on Saturday evening!)

Have a wonderful weekend! We LOVE church in pajamas!

And I think 6 is a great number!! Let's hope it is PINK!

Annette Lyon said...

So much I *could* comment on . . .

But I'll just mention the bulking up child thing. I've seen it with my oldest and three nephews--it's a typical part of the pre-teen years. At 13, my oldest was a bit chunky. At 16, has a waist several inches smaller--and is MUCH taller. It's part of nature's funky way of preparing for a growth and no need to worry, since you feed your kids well. Don't stress it--and don't telegraph stress over it. It'll resolve itself, I'm sure.

Cheryl said...

GC...I consider it a holiday weekend :) We make lots of yummy (easy) food so the kids and get some fun art things for the kids so they look forward to it. We get a huge quilt and dump the legos on it and the kids sit and build forever and are pretty good about being quiet. It is on upstairs and downstairs so they are surrounded by it. We do insist they sit and listen to the prophet and a couple of apostles. I do the packets and sometimes they do them...sometimes not.

I was sad (and still am occasionally) about my last baby, but mostly I am so thrilled to be in the "raising" my family portion instead of the "birthing" my family portion. It is a great stage to be in!

My 12 year old is now capable of watching the kids so we can attend the temple! YAY! We put the baby to bed and go to the very last session. I have always done initiatories when I have had small babies because you can do 5 names in about 1/2 hour. My life is so much more balanced when I am regular at the temple!

Stephanie said...

I had a woman ask me if this is my first kid (I'm 7+ months pregnant). I laughed a little and told her no, I have two more at home. To which she replied that I didn't look old enough to be on my third kid. Then I REALLY laughed and told her I was PLENTY old to have three kids (32), but I hide my age well. I take it as a compliment. Imagine when we're 60 and have a bunch of grandkids and people think they're our own kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, if I'd known you had it to publish, I wouldn't have made that witty and insightful claim. :P