Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Weird Pregnant Dreams Are Still Going Strong

Awesome, beautiful, reallyreallyreally weird, and made-me-so-excited-to-have-this-baby dream last night:

It's hard to explain --as most dreams are --so I'll do my best. I was going into labor, so my midwife, Sherri, came over. I'm not sure where we sent the kids, or what house we were in (it wasn't the one we have now!), but it was funny because ...well... okay, let's just bullet point this because narrative is too dang hard:

*I went walking along the sidewalk (gutter and road) to get labor progressing.
*My neighbors watched me and wondered why the heck I wasn't in a hospital.
*Sherri was with me the whole time, as was Brandon, but Sherri's assistants weren't there (which won't happen in real life)
*When it came time to labor, there were friends/family watching, but they were on my bed and I was on the floor (?!??!)
*In my dream, pushing was tough until I turned to my left side, and then I was able to feel the baby's head with my hands, push some more, and lift him out myself.
*Oh, yes! It was a boy! And in my dream, like real life, I was all "Hey, I thought it was supposed to be a girl!"
*He looked just like #5.
*Sherri was going back and forth delivering about 20 babies in this house; all by herself. Why were they in my house? I have no idea.
*Sherri's kids made these boxes out of paper and cardboard for each baby so they had a place to rest, much like how the hospital has places for each baby in those plastic bassinets. Which made me laugh when I woke up because it goes against everything home birth teaches. Ha! They were cute boxes, though!
*Oh, yeah --after I delivered the placenta, there was no bleeding. And I had energy. And the baby slept for 10 hours before feeding.
*After all these babies were born, Sherri took a nap on my couch in my basement (but it didn't look like my basement) and I covered her with an extra blanket.

Like I said, weirdness! But it was still beautiful because I gave birth to a healthy baby, and I did it at home (my plan), and all went well. I woke up feeling really awesome about it all, and I can't wait to meet this person growing inside of me. I love you, baby!

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flip flop mama said...

Yay for good pregnancy dreams. That's gotta make you feel good. The only two pregnancy dreams I've had have been bad ones. Not fun.