Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hey! I'm Really Tired!

Happy Day of Independence Weekend to you, dear reader!

It's been a crazy week full of activities and exhaustion. And just in case you don't quite catch the gist of this post, I will tell you right now: I'm exhausted. Tired. Worn out.

There's been dental appointments, massive tantrums, chores, wedding receptions, work parties, balloon launches, fireworks, service, visiting with long distant friends, play dates, sprinklers, sand, sickness (coughy colds), late nights, early morning, and a messy, messy, messy house that I can't seem to clean.

And I'm just dang tired!

Interesting story:
Yesterday was Stadium of Fire. This means we go hang out on the MTC grass just below the Provo Temple in order to watch the fireworks. We tend to go early; we saved our spot around 1:30PM and then came to stay at 4:30PM. There is an awesome unwritten code amongst our community when it comes to saving stuff on the grass during each Stadium of Fire and it is this: You put down chairs or blankets to save your spot. NOBODY moves it. You put camping chairs into your parking spot when you leave and NOBODY moves it. Honestly, you don't. People don't abuse this system, either (saving a dozen spots or something).

Last night around 9PM, I needed to use the bathroom (as did my FIL and #3). My FIL had parked his van next to ours and he only lives about 5 blocks from the Temple. Since the port-a-potties the city generously puts out for the event are nearly a mile away (seriously. They only put out four and they are right across the street from the MTC. It takes 10 minutes just to walk to them and since there's only four, it takes 20 minutes of waiting --or more --to use 'em), we decided to drive to my FIL's house to use the bathroom quickly. When we left, Brandon put out a chair to save the parking spot. We were gone for about 5 minutes. Literally.

When we came back, we found out that some jerk-off had thrown the chair and parked there, yelled obscenities at my husband and some other people and took off.

So, we parked behind them and us (double parking). Everyone around us was shocked because these guys broke the code, man! They broke the code! There was talk about letting out air in the tires or keying the car (which was just talk, thank goodness!!). Unfortunately, our revenge didn't work because a tow truck came to the parking lot (to move another car) and my FIL decided it wasn't worth the risk. He ended up driving home and walking back over (it's still quite a walk, though!).

When the thing was over, the people who parked next to us came RUNNING to their car, threw everyone in as fast as they could before anyone could talk to them. My husband exchanged some words with some of them which was again met with hostility and swearing.

I just felt bad for the guy's wife. I would've been so embarrassed if my husband had treated other people that way --not to mention if he had broken the code! What makes people think they can show up 10 minutes before a huge community event and get the parking they want, anyway?

Seriously, it was more sad than annoying. You can't break the code, people! The code!

Anyway, other than that, I'm home from church with the boys (coughs won't go away) but I have to accompany a musical number in RS, so Brandon will be switching with me shortly. Tomorrow is the big parade, but I'll be missing it while I drive #2 to the airport. It will be strange not to have her here for a while --it's always strange when one of my children is missing. It doesn't feel complete --or right, really. But it does always feels easier.

Do you remember that phrase: "If you have three, you can have ten" ?? It's crap, man. It's not true. Each child adds a whole new dynamic --you can't possibly claim that three is just as hard as five. Or six. Or ten. Because it's not. And when I go back to having four or three or two or one child to watch for a time (even a short time), I feel it immensely. First, I feel the loss of the presence of my precious child. Then, I realize how much easier it would be with less kids! Of course, this is because I know the difference. If, for example, I only had three kids, I would think three was pretty difficult. You understand what I mean, right?

Anyway, I've blabbered long enough. Have a great holiday, dear reader! I hope your July is awesome.


SewSara said...

we watched from the MTC field, too! :)

i have to disagree with the parking thing, though. i love that we can all go save our spots with our blankets, but saving parking spots seems off. we went early and saved our spot with blankets, then finally got back with the kids, and all our food/cooler, etc -- around 8pm and there were several spots with chairs in them in the parking lot -- and all the spots were filling up on the streets, too.

david was like 'oh no way' and got out and moved the chair and we parked there. we weren't mean, but just thought -- that's simply not fair. i think parking should be first come, first serve. no way am i gonna hoof it and let someone else show up at 10pm just cuz they put a little lawn chair there. :)

just sayin!! :)

Cheryl said...

i agree on the parking spots...sorry

and the saying "if you can handle 3 you can handle 10" is total crap! that's discounting that my 4th and 5th children added some difficults (and joy too) along the way. Every child adds a whole new experience. I look back on 3 and wonder what I was stressing about?

Cheryl said...

i meant i agree with sewsara on parking spots.