Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Potpourri Tuesday

My only goal yesterday was to finish all the laundry. At 10:45AM, however, I had a last-minute brilliant idea! The kids and I packed a lunch and drove up the Alpine Loop. We stopped and had a picnic and hiked a little. On the way home, we passed a park and I stopped so the kids could play. We didn't get home until after 3PM, and by then I was exhausted because my kids exhaust me and so I watched a movie with #2 instead of doing laundry. I did make dinner, however (a great one!), so I felt good about myself and we did FHE and chores and all seemed great. But then this morning, after walking 7.3 miles (woot!), I realized the house cleaners were coming and there was laundry all over the floor and dishes not done and I am now thinking, "what is wrong with me!?" because I could have folded some dang laundry yesterday.


I'm typing this while the house cleaners clean my house and #1 practices her piano. #5 is in my lap, which makes it hard to type. Very hard.

The lawn is still not in, which makes for one whole week the kids can't play in the yard and over a month since they didn't want to (because the grass was dead which meant it was not comfortable to play on). It also means I haven't planted my garden. What garden, you ask? Exactly. I feel kind of like a failure this summer in the personal goals department, but I am proud of myself for keeping the kids involved with things. And not killing them.

Next week #2 is flying solo to hang with Brandon's mom and step-dad for 10 days. She's really excited! They do this when each grand kid turns 8 years old --it's kind of a rite of passage/special experience for the kids to get one-on-one time with Nana and Papa. #1 had an absolute blast the last time she went, so I know #2 will, too. I am sad, however, because we will be missing Lake Lopez this year (the yearly family camp out. Scratch that --the yearly EPIC family camp out!) and we hate to miss it. At least #2 gets to go! We just took off too much time for Hawaii and Brandon really needs to work. Ah, well. We'll do an overnighter camping trip sometime soon. Won't be the same, but still....

So, New York State is allowing gay marriage. Josh Groban tweeted or Facebooked or whatever about it (and his approval of it) and now people are boycotting Josh Groban's music. My two thoughts:
1. People are idiots. I would never boycott Josh!
2. I don't agree with gay marriage, but I would never boycott Josh!

That's all I'm gonna say about that.

It's weird that so many people are talking about Mormons now and how we're still weird or actually normal or whatever. It's cool, too --I mean, it's nice to have the myths disbanded! We'll always be a peculiar people to the majority of society, but at least people now know we're not polygamists (for now!? Ha!), we don't worship Joseph Smith, and women aren't oppressed. Well, that last one is still up for debate, but I'm gonna testify that this Mormon Woman is NOT oppressed. In any single way. I don't care what the nay-sayers claim.

I've decided that toddlers are way harder than babies. I say this because even though babies would make me stop every few hours to nurse and change diapers, at least they napped 3 times a day! And sat still! And didn't climb things! The irony is that I forget this. Last summer I thought, "Oh, I'll get the house organized next summer when #5 is older and not so much of a hassle." HAHAHAHA! What was I thinking!? That should have been the time to get things done! Now I feel like I'm just constantly chasing and cleaning up. And having three boys? 6, 4, and almost 2?! I'm surprised I get anything done, man.

All the Hawaii photos are on Brandon's laptop. I've gone through this before, but this time, I'd like to actually share my photos (unlike my report on China --or lack of report, that is), so I'll try to get them blogged soon. Operative word: Try.

On a positive note, my Depression seems to be doing well. I'll have to post about why I believe this is happening, but I'm gonna do it later because this post is already getting too long. And having been accused of excessive long-windedness (it's okay! I'm not offended because it's very true. I'm long winded), I don't want to take up too much of your time, dear reader. See how I do this for you??

Happy Tuesday!


Stephanie Harding said...

:) Packing for big Nebraska move, so I don't have time to be long-winded myself...we need to be neighbors, though. That would be AWESOME!!!!

Emily & Co. said...

Oops...that was me!

Handsfullmom said...

Hooray for housecleaning! And I think you can do a garden NEXT year.

And I love to hear about fun grandparent traditions like that! How great for your daughter.

By the way, DH said I can look into having someone come clean for the next couple of stressful months -- do you mind sharing who you are using and whether you'd recommend them? My email is handsfullmom at gmail.

evitafjord said...

My family had the same kind of tradition - except we had to be 13 because grandma and grandpa worked at the temple on Saturdays so we had to be old enough to stay by ourselves and we got to go for the whole summer. Oh, and no flying - someone was always going between UT and WA in the summer so we just hitched a ride.

Also, I just lost my work-at-home job because I underestimated the rule about toddlers. I'm sad, but not sad. It really sucks to be fired from anything, but I'm not going to miss it. Working from home is so much easier when they are babies!! But, they are all in school in the fall, so I was planning on making a change soon anyway.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...