Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happiness Lately:

*Our friends' baby, who is in the NICU, is finally breathing on his own and doing well!

*The lawn guys gave us a date: July 16th! We'll have a lawn in next Saturday.

*Boys room is done. I went through ALL the clothes and gave away four huge bags to DI. The only things left in their drawers fit them; the only things on the shelves are "dear to their hearts." Huzzah!

*Brandon got up with the inconsolable toddler last night --I swear, that kid's tantrums are pushing us to our limits. So much screaming! But Brandon was super patient with him and spent 20 minutes calming him down without getting angry, despite it being 3:30AM.

*Watching the final shuttle launch with my kids yesterday morning and loving their surprised looks at seeing a "real space ship." Yeah, they were pretty disappointed it wasn't like Star Wars. Ha!

*Having lunch with Bythelbs and Alison!

*Coming to a perfect compromise about the house with Brandon.

*Learning not to compare myself (again) (and again) to the thin, gorgeous, crafty, have-it-all-together mothers that I love but sometimes hate a little.

*Enjoying a great date with my hubby and some friends last night at Sundance. I truly miss the mountains and the forest! We might have to go

What have you been happy about lately?


Amanda D said...

I love this post! I can feel your happiness. :)

I'm happy that the donuts turned out yesterday for Tony's birthday and that he felt like he had a great day.

Although, I'm sad that my baby is six. How in the world?

Angie said...

I LOVE giving away bags to feels good! Nice work...Sorry your little one is getting up at night. Is he having night terrors? Addyson had one the other night and was inconsolable for almost 45 minutes on and off...not fun. I wish I lived at Sundance (but maybe then I would take the beauty for granted? Probably is SO beautiful and refreshing!). We need to go on another 8 miler! :)

Stephanie said...

I am happy about the nicely painted room my daughter is now sleeping in! The room has been bugging me since we moved in over a year ago, and now finally all the holes have been patched, and the walls look like someone actually cares about her room. YEAH!!

And I'm happy about your boys' shelves and drawers. :)