Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Random thoughts I've been thinking lately:

*It's interesting how judgemental our society has become about large families (strangers criticizing mothers with their broods of children in public places or family members tsk-tsking behind closed doors) and yet in the Church, it's kind of the opposite (criticizing women who have only one or two kids or none as if they --the criticizer -- know the whole story).

*I haven't lost any weight lately, and yet I'm feeling more joyful about my body than I have in a really long time. Our trip to Hawaii should have made me shudder (what with the constant swimming suit wearing I did), but it didn't. Last night as our kids cuddled around us in blankets at the Manti Pageant, I was grateful for this amazing body that had created, carried, and given life; for this body that had fed my babies, fixed ouchies, kissed cheeks, carried sick children, and even entertained my 6 year old (he was flapping my arm flab. Blah). I may not be as gorgeous or thin as I once was, but I can walk for miles with a child on my back, I can still clean my house, and I can still make my husband happy. For this, I'm very grateful! I love my body!

*My children are slowly leaving my grasp. I got a link to a great article on mothering (go here) from my friend Julie, and it made me realize that I don't have much time with my kids! #1 is already 10 years old --that means in 8 years she will be gone! Why do I spend so much time wishing away these years? I need them! How can I teach them everything they need to know in such a short amount of time??

*Why do children have a herd mentality? Someone goes outside and so they ALL need to go outside! Dude, #2 just had to get the mail! Stay inside, you crazies! Just now they were all downstairs with me and then #3 had to go upstairs for something --within 4 minutes, they ALL went upstairs. I just heard the front door open; how much you wanna bet they are all outside now?

*A lot of people don't understand why "The Book of Mormon Musical" (or however it's named) could be offensive. Well, maybe they do. But I think this article explains it very well. To quote it:

I am no Mormon, but I have witnessed bigotry and ignorance directed against this American community. The LDS Church is placed in the difficult position of seeing their most sacred beliefs mocked in a nation that murdered their prophet in a shameful lynching. Broadway has given aid and comfort to the mob of ignorant folk who know nothing of modern Mormonism outside of their prejudices.

That is all for now. Happy Wednesday!


Julie said...

Your body is amazing. I think about my body frequently, for better or worse, and the conclusion I've come to is that it's much more than the "shell" people so often refer to it as. It's one of THE two reasons we came to earth. It is one of God's greatest gifts to us. We have so much appreciation and gratitude to give for such a remarkable tool.

I loved that article on the musical, too.

I see motherhood going into lightning speed and it is a mix of exciting, sad, thrilling, nerve-wracking. All of the above. I keep telling myself to enjoy every second and make them count. I don't always accomplish that goal (every day....), but just acknowledging it seems to help.

Hope you've had a good week. Love you!

Julie said...

Oh, and I laughed when you talked about herd mentality-- I always say my children run in a pack. Haha!
I can count on one or maybe two hands the times my children have ever gone into a room alone to do something.