Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Like Saturday! Only, It's Not!

We're switchin' it up here at the Happy meets Crazy household --Saturday chores on a Friday! Ooh! We are such rebels.

That's about all the exciting stuff that's going on. I guess I could tell you about how my kids made me breakfast this morning (complete with a thank you card! Aren't they the best!?), or how #4 climbed into bed with me last night (Brandon's in SF) and proceeded to wake me up every 10 minutes for 3 hours, or how I've resolved to walk at least 20 miles a week starting next week, or how exhausted I am trying to keep this summer schedule going, or how I'm thinking I just might make it up to Idaho for a week next month, or how I'm a month behind on my garden and organizing the house.

But it's not that exciting, really.

#1 is writing a story for "school" every morning. It's adorable. Here's the first few lines:

"Once upon a time, there was... Wait a second! I should say...
One beautiful morning I was taking a dive in the reef."

It's a story about a mermaid. She has 12 chapters already! Maybe she'll end up being the writer in the family, eh?

Speaking of which, we're going to see Brandon Mull at Costco today. I hope the line isn't too long. #1 has been looking forward to seeing him for weeks. Ironically, Brandon Mull grew up with Brandon (you know, my hubby). They were in the same ward and stuff, so it will be fun to meet him in person --without my Brandon! Ha! Funny.

#5 has recently learned the art of screaming at the top of his lungs in public places. It would be so much easier if he would learn how to speak, of course, but I don't think any of my boys did that. They all screamed first.

We're still dealing with #3's 4S (his sensory issues). Now he hates sniffing. It used to just be the sound of chewing and biting food --but add to it sniffing and he's upset all day long. Blah. I feel bad for the guy. He really can't help his reaction. I mean, imagine if someone was scratching their nails on a chalkboard right next to your ear --that's more or less how it feels to him, poor kid.

#2 won't wear her glasses. She conveniently "forgets" them daily. I'm not sure if it's because she hates wearing them or if they really aren't helping. I mean, I didn't think she'd need them (it was one small issue in one eye), but she did. So, I'm struggling with forcing her to wear them or letting it go. Yeah, yeah. I need to make her wear them. #1 forgets hers, too, but she REALLY needs them and it's obvious!

Well, dear reader, I've procrastinated it long enough. I'm off to crack the whip and get this house clean! And do laundry. You know. My favorite chore. *snort

Happy Friday!


Never A True Aggie said...

I didn't know #3 had sensory issues? Turns out Liam does too. We have him in OT right now and it is helping a lot. He had some hand washing issues where he would wash and wash his hands until they were raw. He would also wash his toys off. There were a lot of other things too (not siting in a chair, couch, jumping a lot, etc.) He has some sound issues too. Anyway, we had him tested for sensory integration disorder and he is being treated once a week this summer. He got some of it at school and it helped. Anyway, let me know if you need some help and I can let you know what we have tried.

Angie said...

No wonder #1 child painted a beautiful picture of a mermaid when she was at our house! All of my girls thought it was great! I like the switching up of chores...even a little change can be "fun" lol