Tuesday, May 10, 2011

San Francisco Graduation Weekend in Pictures

And other stuff. Instead of waxing poetic about our whirlwind weekend, here's some photos with less than adequate explanations!

#5 getting his first "real" haircut (in April. I'm catching up.)

#1's homemade raw vegan "cheese"cake with blueberries on top (again, catch up). And yes, it was delicious! #1 still talks about it.

Now, these are from this weekend! Our first stop? The Exploratorium and Palace of Fine Arts:

#5 likes to say "CHEEEEEESE!" when having his photo taken.

Three years ago, just before we moved from the Bay Area back to Utah, we went to the Exploratorium and Brandon insisted on taking pictures of us all. He would have each person speak and tell stories to him while he snapped photos. This trip, I insisted that we do it again --however, this time around, the photos weren't quite as awesome. Okay, so the photos of ME weren't as awesome. Whatever. ;)

#5 didn't like it. At all.

Next up, Muir Woods! I didn't get very many good shots because of the light (or lack of light) and I forgot to compensate for it on the camera. Oh, well. This is as good as it gets!

"Okay, everybody make a face like #2!"

Saturday afternoon was spent at Golden Gate Park:

Brandon's awesome sister Brenna and her boyfriend Jason made the drive up for graduation. It was so fantastic to see them!

Sunday was the BIG day! Best Mother's Day gift, ever. Graduation was held in Herbst Theater; afterwards, a luncheon held at City Hall.

This is Brandon's aunt and uncle. They live in the Bay Area and Brandon has basically stayed with them every Thursday night for two years. Such generosity! They are a lot of the reason why we miss living in CA.

Brandon and his mom. Isn't this a sweet photo? Awww.

My parents flew out for the graduation and drove down from Sacramento with my brother and my SIL.

It was a crazy busy weekend, but well worth it! Brandon has had such an incredible experience with Wharton. The program was intense, but amazing. We've both made life-long friends through this journey and we're grateful for everything it has given us.

A lot of people ask me how I did it, but I think the real question should be "How did Brandon do it?" He managed to graduate with three "majors," do an extra project (GCP) that gave him the opportunity to work with a company in Israel, maintain his employment (and do it well!), fulfill two (now only one, thank goodness) callings, sit on the board for an Autism Spectrum school in Salt Lake City, attend FHE, have fairly consistent date night with his wife, and find the time to hang out with his kids.

It's true, I've missed him. It's true that I have had many lonely nights and frustrating parenting moments. But honestly, when people tell me that I was the one who worked the hardest, I have to disagree. It was him, dear reader. It was all him. And honestly? I couldn't be prouder.

Last step: Graduation ceremony in Philadelphia! Boo-yah! This time, though, it will be just Brandon and I. The kids are staying here this weekend, and we're going to this one alone. I feel no guilt about it, either. None. Not even coupled with the fact that we're going to Hawaii next month as a celebration for graduation. It's been a hard two years, man! We deserve this. And, how, dear reader! And, how.


Courtney N said...

Congrats on the graduation!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm absolutely over-the-moon happy for you all...and thanks for all the pictures, you know how I love them. :)

Julie said...

Me likey the catch-up. I remember the last time you did those candid pictures and I love 'em just as much this time. :)

Congratulations for such a hugely awesome accomplishment -- I love what you said about Brandon. He does deserve a huge pat on the back for what he did. It's really impressive. And so do you! Glad you get to do some things together to celebrate.

Love you!

Amanda D said...

Great post! It looks like you had a great weekend. Congrats to Brandon! So excited to see what's next for you both.

Have fun in Philadelphia and Hawaii!

Bex said...

And this is Becky, I have 2 cats. You just don't accept open comments anymore so I had to grow up and get a Google log in. Pffft!

Bex said...

Mondo congrats to both of you for all the hard work you put in to make it happen!

(And share your vegan cheesecake recipe or I'll take a child hostage.....)...((Is that really a threat?))