Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is May 11th. Just So You Know.

This morning I ran (ahem, jogged) for at least 6 whole minutes! This is fantastic, since before this, I only jogged about... 5 seconds? It's crazy to me how quickly you can lose the physical stamina for running. I used to run 4 miles everyday. Now I can't even run 1/2! This is not quite unlike other skills and spirituality which I will not talk about at this point.

I haven't weighed myself, yet, and I'm nervous. Travel disrupts everything when one is trying to shed pounds. I'm not too worried, though. The more I watch The Biggest Loser (Hannah and Olivia in the Final Four! HUZZAH!!!) and re-learn the health stuff I know, the less hard I am on myself. I just keep trying.

Alison Wonderland introduced me to this cool app for my iPhone called BodyFate. It is awesome! I did 45 minutes last night while watching The Biggest loser. Then I went walking/jogging this morning. And then had my green smoothie. See? I'm doing fabulous. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I hate going to California. It just makes me miss it. Sigh.

Tonight I'm throwing a bridal shower for a girl in my ward. I taught her piano lessons and she has babysat my kids for a lot of years. It's strange that she is old enough to be getting married. I mean, I'm not old, so how could she be an adult already?!

Remember the Spring Cleaning I was doing? Yeah, well, I gave up and the basement has reverted to it's normally disgusting self. It is beyond humiliating, dear reader. My goal is to have it all clean and organized by August. That's possible, right?

#5 has the most poop I have ever seen in a kid. I swear, that's all he does! He poops all day long. And since he's almost 2 years old, it's not infant poop, you know. It's, well, nasty!

While we were in California, #5 had a throw-up episode in which Brandon caught all the puke in his hands and didn't even bat an eye. That's how you know you're a seasoned parent, dear reader. You deal with the bodily fluids and refer to it as normal. I swear, I have had to deal with more of it with this kid than any other, though.

It's spring! Some may hate me for this, but I love the rain. Rain means growth; rain means green! And I know that by June, it'll be sunshiny and warm.

This is worthy of it's own post, but I think I'm going to go back to therapy. That is all.

Happy Wednesday!


Rebecca said...

I had a child who pooped a lot. Which child was it? I can't remember. I have suppressed as many of those memories as I could.

(Of course, for all I know, this kid could still be pooping a lot, but I am happily disengaged from all of my children's bowel habits now.)

Good luck in therapy. Therapy is almost always a good idea.

Dorri said...

Crap, did I ever send you more names?? Sorry my brain just isn't working these days, which isn't good cause I'm in the middle (or end I guess) of finals. Good job on the running/jogging. The last month I've been pretty bad on my exercise. The only thing I was totally consistent with was weight-lifting and that was only because it was a class, for a grade, so I had to go. But this week already I'm back on track!! I used to dread exercise, but on Monday when I was doing it I realized that I missed it. I like seeing what my body can do, how I feel afterwards, how it makes me want to do better in other parts of my life too.
Oh and I love the rain too, especially spring rain there is just a great smell to it.