Sunday, May 01, 2011

Cure for Wanderlust?

I suffer from wanderlust --this is no secret, dear reader. Currently, I have a burning desire to live in California, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, London, and Hawaii. And Idaho. Not sure why. I just do. Seeing as I don't live in those places, and I may never live in those places, I've decided I need to sit down and write out what it is I love about Utah (Provo, particularly) and why it's a great place to live. Gratitude lists help me to conquer that part of my brain which tends to never be satisfied. With anything.

1. The mountains. Seriously. They still take my breath away.

2. Mormons. I'm one of 'em. I like having them around. It means my neighbors are Mormon and the elementary school recognizes the demographic thereby planning school activities accordingly and it also means that there are Temples and distribution centers nearby. I like that.

3. Safe, safe, safe neighborhood. My kids can walk to/from school without too much fear on my part. We lock our doors, but we don't worry about intruders. The neighbors all watch out for each other, too.

4. Seasons. Four seasons. I don't like winter, but I adore Fall and Spring, and if you don't have winter, how can you have a decent Fall/Spring? Necessary evil, I guess. I mean, have you ever seen Autumn up the Alpine Loop? No? Here's a taste:

I know, right?!

5. No big catastrophic natural events. If you don't count the occasional micro burst, we (especially in the exact spot where I live in Provo) don't suffer from earthquakes (not yet, anyway), tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, floods, or lightening storms. I honestly live in a pocket of weather-bliss. If I ignore the snow, of course (ha!).

6. Easy access to the world. The interstate is 10 minutes from my house. The international airport is less than an hour.

7. Hiking, camping, water skiing, snow skiing, sports, music, art, theater, universities (I live near two!), biking, fishing, hunting, shopping, eating (seriously, we have a plethora of great food. Don't believe me? Tell me what you want, and I bet I'll find the restaurant for you in seconds, including -but not limited to - raw food, Indian, Thai, Peruvian, French, organic, and sushi), and the most amazing sunsets:

My wanderlust may never leave, but after writing this post, I'm feeling a bit better about staying right where I am (which means we'll probably end up moving somewhere, just because that's how my life rolls, eh?).

What do you love about where you live?


The Martinez Daughters said...
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The Martinez Daughters said...
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Radel said...

I love all those things about Utah. I miss the mountains. :(
Believe me you do not want to come back to CA!! The state is falling apart. :(

Stephanie said...

I love all those same things about Utah! I also struggle with winter/snow, but then I talk to my family in Idaho, and I'm just thankful I don't have to deal with their winters!!

I also love all the national parks we have relatively close: Zions, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Dinosaur whatever in Vernal, etc. and they're all within a days' drive.

Julie said...

These are all reasons I LOVE living where I live.

I'm weird because wanderlust is not at all in my DNA. I am a homebody and never want to move from the house I live in. I do really enjoy traveling, but I never want to move again!

Those gratitude lists really do put into perspective the wonderful good things that we have all around us.

evitafjord said...

I love individual people/families here and I love my kids' teachers (even though I hate that they can't get a bond passed to fix it so it's not running over by 150 kids and leaky - oops, sorry, voting again tonight on a new bond).

Um, that's it. Wait, the thunderstorms here are awesome when they don't have tornados attached.

Can I borrow your post to remind my husband why he was all set to move back to Utah last summer when we visited? He's forgotten already.

Cheryl said...

I was in UT for Women's Confernce last week and on Thursday was missing living there terribly. It was a PERFECT spring day with all the gorgeous spring flowers all over campu. On Friday I remembered why I dont mis living there....3 inches of show on April 29th!

I love my 78 degrees and sunny and love living with no snow(but ask me in July when its 110), I LOVE the people here, they are amazing. That's about it. Not my first choice of places to live but I am choosing to bloom where I am planted!

Amanda D said...

Great post. I love Utah. And miss it terribly.

I enjoy Oregon - we're close to mountains and the coast. We have beautiful summers. We have a GREAT ward. My kids go to a great school.