Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm not sure how #3 got the flu, but he got it. And he brought it with us.

He showed symptoms Monday afternoon, but I figured it was something short-lived. By Tuesday afternoon (on our way to see friends), it was beginning to be apparent that not only did he have it, so did #1. Next in line was #5, followed by me, and then #4. So far, #2 has remained unscathed. I have no idea how long the incubation period is for this particular flu virus, but I have learned a few things:

1. It is NOT the stomach flu, and thereby, I do not hate it.
2. It is about a 48 hour flu. #3 is already better. #1 and #5 are very close.
3. It does not completely incapacitate the individual, although in order to have any kind of fun, one must be full of fluids, motrin, and sleep a lot.
4. Because of the aforementioned, it is mild.
5. No, I did not vaccinate. I NEVER vaccinate for the flu. The fact that we actually got the flu does not change my mind. At all.

I declared yesterday Movie Day and they watched (in this exact order): Free Willy 3, National Treasure 2, Harry Potter 2, Star Wars VI.

Obviously, my kids do NOT like to watch the first movies in a series.

It was good for them. It was good for me! It's Spring Break, after all, and it was pouring rain outside. So, in a way, it was nice to have lazy sick kids.

I feel bad, though. I feel bad because we had some big plans tomorrow and Saturday and I'm in the process of cancelling said plans. Although this is not the stomach flu, it's still a flu, and I am in the beginning stages of it, which means I honestly won't be up to hauling the kids around all weekend. It breaks my heart, though, because I had planned on visiting with three amazing friends. *sniff

But it's okay. I don't live very far away, and knowing me, we'll probably come back for another week in the summer. And the most important people we need to see live right here in this house. I just hope we don't leave them with the flu, too!

[Brandon, btw, is actually pretty glad we chose this week to be absent. I know he's praying we all get better --before we come home. Ha!]


becca said...

We sure had a great time with you cats on Tuesday! My oldest said the next day when she woke up, "So, can your friends come again today?" Good times! I'm so sorry we had to cancel plans today and even more sorry that you're not feeling well. So far, #4 is the only one who has a snotty nose and slept alot yesterday...I don't think we caught anything. Even if we did, that's life! I'm cool with it.My kids gave stomach flu to Ryan's entire family (step brothers included) over Thanksgiving. I was not very popular and I don't blame them...we should have totally turned around in the blizzard that was behind and around us and gone home. It's life, but we soldier on and watch lots of movies. Right?

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Oh boo! No fun! But I think my kids might just play sick to have an all-day movie day -- way to turn a sick day into a fun memory!

radel said...

Sorry you are sick. Love that you declare you don't vaccinate. Me neither, I'd rather take my chances. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Stephanie said...

After learning (while my daughter was wheezing and miserable with croup) from my doctor that there is something called a parafluenza that acts a lot like the flu, but they don't vaccinate against it. I'm done vaccinating, too. And let me just add, the parafluenza we all caught was FAR worse than any actual flu we've had at our house.

Kim said...

I am one sad lady you all got sick! I told my kids all about you and your kids! They were excited to! Plus who wants to be sick while on SPRING BREAK! It's bad enough to have yucky weather! However, it's nice to have yucky weather when your under the weather! HEHE! I hope you all get feeling better very soon and we shall make plans for sure this summer! LOVES!!!