Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Post 1,200

Yes. Seriously. This is my twelve-hundredth post! I started back in January of 2006, and I've obviously had a lot to say.

Best part of watching The Biggest Loser with my kids last night (as we folded laundry) was when we watched the contestants who lost the pop challenge go into the kitchen to clean --#1 was seriously confused as to why they thought it was "so bad." She said, "That looks easy to clean!"

And I realized I have actually done some good stuff by making my kids work hard.

I'm tackling the basement (spring cleaning, baby!) right now. I have guests coming Friday and on Sunday, the kiddos and I are heading to Idaho for the week! It's the kind of motivation I need. Plus, I have found that the getting up and exercising is helping, too. In fact, dear reader, you are only reading this post because I wouldn't allow myself to get onto the computer until the family room was completely done. As in, vacuuming behind the couch and putting EVERYTHING in it's proper place. The guest room, guest bathroom, and play room are next. I may be gone for years. Send a search party if I don't emerge soon...

I have to reapply to Weight Watchers for my Monthly Pass. Apparently, it didn't go through. So, technically, I haven't started. I'm trying to decide if that's because it's a sign that I shouldn't waste my money, or because it just didn't work. Regardless, I'll try again today and hopefully get to a meeting/weigh-in soon. I need to know if my scale and their scales are the same, as well as find out how much I truly need to lose! Which will be so much fun! I can't wait! (insert eye roll here)

#5 said "please" at dinner last night for the first time! He still talks gibberish, which is adorable, but it was nice to hear a real word.

Taxes stink. Blah.


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Julie said...

That's a lotta posts!! They've been enjoyable, my friend.

I love when the little ones start to make a little sense. And then they just explode with their language and it's awesome. That made no sense, but it's true.

Happy exercising and hard working. You're awesome.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

WOW! That's amazing -- CONGRATS!!! I'm so glad I found your blog!!!